Bruno Gagliasso’s brother exposes reaction with nephew to see him

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Thiago Gagliasso, brother of Bruno Gagliasso, meets nephew after four years and is surprised

Thiago Gagliasso, brother of Bruno Gagliasso, participated in the BarbaCast podcast and commented among many subjects about his coexistence with his brother, Gio Ewbank and his nephews.

Bruno Gagliasso’s brother revealed that he was outraged when he heard the news of the racism suffered by a woman on the family trip:

“Just talking makes me possessed. It is revolting. It’s scary to see people of the devil who are angry with the black. My sister-in-law was possessed, it looks like she punched the woman. She hopes she did. It’s not encouraging violence. On the part of my brother, he was really perplexed. At the time, I felt this pain instantly.” highlighted Bruno Gagliasso’s brother.

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Bruno Gagliasso was the first interviewee of Quem Pode, Pod, by Giovanna Ewbak and Fernanda Paes Leme (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

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Thiago revealed that he doesn’t have contact with Bruno Gagliasso or Gio Ewbank and that when the two meet again, they don’t exchange a word.

Bruno Gagliasso participated in the podcast by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme (Photo: Reproduction)
Bruno Gagliasso participated in the podcast by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme (Photo: Reproduction)

“For four years now, we’ve talked to each other through narrative. I never spoke to him again. People ask, ‘Haven’t you ever found it at family dinners?’ Never. I saw him on my mother’s birthday in the first year of the Bolsonaro government. and at Rock in Rio, we crossed paths, but we didn’t talk”, highlights.


But one thing they didn’t put away was the coexistence of their children and Thiago Gagliasso remembers what it was like when he met Bruno Gagliasso’s children again.

“I didn’t know what my reaction of affection for that child would be. But when I looked at that kid, it gave me an emotion. It was the first time I felt a good feeling back. And he was also reciprocal. Maybe he saw a way a little similar to his father. With Titi even less. She’s more of a girl now. But Bless kept sharing his stuff with me, as if we’d known each other for ages.” revealed.

And then he added about Bruno Gagliasso’s view of him now: “First time I see this kid, fucking kid. He asked you are what mine? He said he was his father’s brother, but he lived far away. It was that affinity thing. First time he ate crepe. I bought Naruto’s shirt for him. I said take this as a gift The kid didn’t want to sleep without his shirt on, he didn’t want to put on his pajamas. Ah rescued that feeling. When this episode happened, I remembered it at the time. My brother nowadays must have an extremely different image of me than I am. Maybe he saw a human side.”

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