Bruno Krupp mocked the blitz in which he was stopped days before the accident: ‘Today I fucked up. I love Dry Law. Come to play!’; VIDEO | Rio de Janeiro

in an ironic toneBruno commented:

“Morals, bro. I love Prohibition. I love. Master. Already?! Let’s see what will unfold in the best way, did it take?! Tamu together… Both sides of the track. Come, love, come play, come play. Let’s go!”

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Bruno Krupp recorded video in Prohibition three days before running over student

Bruno Krupp recorded video in Prohibition three days before running over student

In that blitz, Bruno refused to blow his breathalyzer and received fines for riding the motorcycle without a license plate or license.

Bruno is in custody at a private hospital in the North Zone of Rio for the death, by being run over, of the young João Guilherme.

Detran says model Bruno Krupp didn't have a driver's license

Detran says model Bruno Krupp didn’t have a driver’s license

Contrary to what Bruno Krupp’s lawyer said this Wednesday (3), the model and influencer no license to ride motorcycles.

“He just didn’t have a license yet because the DMVunless I am mistaken, I had already checked his wallet. He just hadn’t gotten his wallet yet.said William Penawho represents Bruno, at the hospital door.

TV Globo found that the model didn’t even take the Detran practical test for motorcycles. Bruno only passed the theoretical exam and still had to fulfill the minimum workload of driving lessons on the streets.

William Pena, lawyer for Bruno Krupp — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Bruno was driving at high speed (at more than 150 km/h, on a road whose limit is 60 km/h) and without a license, even after being caught in a traffic stop three days before the hit-and-run. The Justice of RJ issued an arrest warrant against the boy, who is responsible for murder with eventual intent, when the risk of killing is assumed. the victim is João Gabriel Cardim Guimaraes16 years old.

This Wednesday, Krupp was found in a hospital in Méier, in the North Zone of Rio, where he must be held in custody until he is released by doctors.

William Pena also claimed that the motorcycle that ran over João Guilherme “gave the brakes”.

“What did he tell me today? [quarta]right before going into surgery, the bike broke down and he lost control, because he was scared of the boy [João Gabriel] coming back”, commented the lawyer.

Also according to Pena, there was no intent in Bruno’s action, that is, he had no intention of committing the act. However, the defender admitted that the driver was too fast.

“I even believe so [estava rápido demais]. But a motorcycle of almost a thousand cc, the youth of today want to give it a go, and he will pay the price for the mistake he made of malpractice”, he said.

“There was no deceit. No one leaves the house to kill anyone by being run over. ‘Oh, I’m going to run over someone on the corner’. There is a certain exaggeration with everything they are publishing. There is no expertise, the accident site was dismantled”, said William Pena.

“Now, you don’t ask for the preventive detention of a person based only on what they saw on Instagram, that the guy is this, that the guy is that. Let’s come and agree”, he amended.

‘Like I did something wrong’

Bruno Krupp talks about being hit by a car: 'as if I had done something wrong'

Bruno Krupp talks about being hit by a car: ‘as if I had done something wrong’

In a video recorded inside the hospital, and obtained by the TV GloboBruno Krupp said that an accident had occurred (watch above). Krupp claims to have done nothing wrong: “I didn’t drink, I didn’t do drugs.”

In the video in which he commented on the episode, Krupp appears on a stretcher and with bandages. In the images, he complained of being called a “murderer” and denied having fled from Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca, where he had been initially taken and from which he was discharged on Sunday (31).

“I was taken by ambulance, I didn’t run away from the hospital, I didn’t run away from the doctors. I was dying in the hospital, the employees were treating me badly, hitting the stretcher in the hallway, calling me a murderer, as if I had done something wrong.”

“I didn’t drink, I didn’t do drugs. It was an accident, guys!”

In the video taken by TV Globo, the model says: “Guys, for God’s sake, I’m the last person who wanted this to happen. You can be sure I wish the worst had happened to me.”

O g1 contacted the Municipal Health Department of Rio, which informed that there was no complaint from the model about the “alleged inappropriate conduct” in the hospital (see full note at the end of this article).

Bruno Krupp is arrested for the death of a teenager in a hit-and-run in Barra

Bruno Krupp is arrested for the death of a teenager in a hit-and-run in Barra

  • Here’s what we know about the hit-and-run that caused the death of a teenager
  • Young man hit by Bruno Krupp had his leg thrown about 50 meters in front of the accident

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Assumed risk of killing, says judge

Video shows Bruno Krupp's motorcycle at high speed before hitting young man

Video shows Bruno Krupp’s motorcycle at high speed before hitting young man

According to the text of the court decision that took Bruno to prison, he rode a motorcycle for at least 150 km/h when he ran over the boy, on Avenida Lúcio Costa, on the edge of Barra. The speed limit on site is 60 km/h.

Besides, he didn’t have a driver’s license, and the motorcycle had no license plate. The situation was the same as when he was stopped at a Prohibition blitz three days earlier. At the time, he also refused to take a breathalyzer test, which would indicate if he had consumed alcohol.

“The situation he experienced three days earlier, when he was stopped at a traffic stop, was not enough to alert him to the risks of dangerous driving and contrary to the law and common sense. In other words: it was not the enough to have been stopped by Prohibition agents”, highlighted the judge Maria Izabel Pena Pieranticiting two other surveys that investigate the model.

“Being caught in the situation described above did not have any didactic effect. On the contrary, it adopted an even more lethal behavior, ending up taking the life of a young man who was accompanied by his mother, emphasizing that Bruno is not a novice in the paths of crime. .”

The decision also cites the brutality of the accident, as the victim’s leg was “violently amputated at the time of the collision”.

Bruno Krup’s motorcycle, a 2021/2022 Yamaha without a plate, seized at dawn on Sunday (31), after being run over. — Photo: Alba Valéria Mendonça / g1

What does the Health Department say?

Read the full press release below:

“The direction of the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital informs that the patient Bruno Krupp was seen on Saturday night after a traffic accident, underwent all the indicated care and exams, including computed tomography, and was discharged on Sunday. he expressed a desire to leave the unit and go to a private hospital.

There is no record of patient complaints about alleged inappropriate conduct on the part of the care team. If he wants to formalize the complaint, the hospital’s management will open a procedure to investigate the facts properly”.

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