Company in the confectionery business opens up a REMOTE spot to try sweets; salary of $78,000

There are some professions that are the dream of the population, for example, working as a wine sommelier or even a bed tester. A lot of people talk about opportunities to get paid for doing something really good.

However, this possibility may be closer than you think. Currently, there is a company that pays a person to work as a candy sommelier. In this way, it is possible to withdraw up to US$ 78 thousand per year.

Company in the confectionery business opens up a REMOTE spot to try sweets;  salary of $78,000
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dream job

A company called Candy Funhouse, which operates as an online retailer in the candy, chocolate, licorice and gum lines, is looking for a new employee. The new position is called “Chief Candy Officer”. In a translation, the process would function as a kind of CEO of candy.

The vacancy, offered remotely, is offering remuneration that can reach US$ 78 thousand per year. Which, converted into reais today, would be around R$ 410 thousand.

Among the duties of this person would be the responsibility of leading meetings for the candy council. In addition, the person will act as the main tester for the new candies. Many people have already applied for the position that has been available on the company’s LinkedIn since July.

Candy Funhouse CEO Jamal Hejazi commented on how the entries showed that the theme is really in high demand from the population. He even received videos of families volunteering for the job as a tester.

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More information about the property

The company is headquartered outside of Toronto and is led by a quartet of brothers who grew up in the business, owning several donut shops.

One of the great differences of Candy Funhouse is the bet not to force the customer to make minimum orders. In this way, it is possible to buy just one lollipop through the website or even mix the most diverse ones possible in a cart.

They also comment that the establishment was strongly boosted by the pandemic. With that they managed to receive about $15 million with the candy produced.

More about the opportunity

According to Hejazi, the company is open to hiring people from the age of five for the position of tester. However, minors must have parental permission to participate.

After the initiative, the company reached 340 thousand followers on Instagram and 3 million on Tik Tok. Among these people is even one of the members of the Kardashian family. Right now, the institution is getting ready for Halloween.

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