Cooperative announces end of contract with Unimed for anesthesia services – 05/08/2022 – News

The Cooperative of Anesthesiologists of Rio Grande do Norte (Coopanest) announced this Friday morning (5th) that it intends to terminate the contract with the operator Unimed due to the non-application of the IPCA adjustment. With this, users who need anesthesia services from next Tuesday (9), will have to negotiate directly with an anesthesiologist. The discontinuity of the contract, according to Coopanest, will not result in the suspension of the service, but should cause delays until the user finds an anesthesiologist. In a note, Unimed criticized the measure.

Unimed and RN anesthesiologists are at an impasse

Unimed and RN anesthesiologists are at an impasse

According to the CEO of Coopanest, Vinícius Luz, the user requests a refund from Unimed. “The Cooperative acts as a facilitator, but as of Tuesday, there will be an individual relationship between the anesthesiologist and the patient. This worries us, because it is not known how these amounts will be charged or how the service will be reimbursed”, he explained. Light.

“Our idea was to make negotiations more flexible, giving up the IPCA readjustment until December of this year and we put the fractional amounts only for 2023. We are open to negotiations, even after the 8th, which is when the contract ends”, pointed out Vinícius Luz , right away.

In a note, Unimed said that it was notified of Coopanest’s “contractual termination” on June 24, and that it is “an extremely unexpected notification, especially since the operator had been keeping the communication channel open, in a friendly way, within the contractual negotiation process started in February 2022”.

Magnus Nascimento
Vinícius Luz, president of Coopanest

Vinícius Luz, president of Coopanest

Unimed says that “the requested adjustment, however, is above the absorption capacity and its impact would affect the quality of services provided to more than 204 thousand clients, in addition to having repercussions on the sustainability of the health system in the region”, For Unimed , the increase in value would directly affect “the more than 1,600 cooperating physicians, the more than 1,500 employees and the more than 400 health service providers”.

The operator says that “it has always been positioned for good negotiation in search of an adjustment capable of maintaining the continuity of the contract and the effective provision of services”. “Coopanest is the only provider of medical services for anesthesiologists in the region, which establishes a relationship of dependence on the health system,” said the Unimed note.

Also in the note, Unimed stated that, “in view of the frustration of negotiations, of Coopanest’s position of not compromising on a commercial understanding capable of keeping the commercial relationship active, the Board of Directors of Unimed Natal and its executive board, in line with with its cooperating physicians and surgeons and, considering the end of the term for termination of the contract, it adopted all appropriate measures to guarantee the continuity of health care for the 204 thousand clients”.

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