country singer shared his life and shows on the web

The country singer Lucas Guedes, 32 years old, died this Thursday (4), and caused great commotion on social media. The artist had a sudden hospitalization on Wednesday due to severe pain, suffered an onset of a stroke and died after failing to resist two heart attacks.

A resident of the city of Porto Ferreira, in the interior of São Paulo, he was treading a path in country music and performed in bars and concert halls across the state.

Music my life

With just over three thousand followers, Lucas Guedes shared his routine with fans and friends — with his family and at work — and also released the schedule of his presentations — especially on weekends.

And, of course, Lucas did not fail to share photos and videos of his shows in the capital and cities in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

Among the songs worked by the artist is “Constelação de Cachaceiro”, which has more than 18 thousand views on YouTube. He had also released the song “Seu Juiz”.

Passionate about country music, the artist never tired of sharing a photo of himself as a child alongside singer Zezé Di Camargo.

“My passion for the sertanejo is not new!!! One of my biggest idols!!! Son of Francisco”, he wrote.

Lucas Guedes also had the habit of posting messages of advice and thanks for being able to take steps in music.

“Never give up on your dream! Because you are the fundamental piece for that to happen! Thank you, God, for always being with me! Music my life”, he posted.

Social actions

In addition to his life on the road as an artist, Lucas used the internet as a means of publicity to collect food for people and animals on the street.

Always with a smile on his face, the sertanejo used to appear on social networks displaying the food and ration packages collected.

wife’s manifestation

Karina Santana, wife of the country singer, was responsible for communicating about the death. In a Facebook post, she reported details of what led to his death, in addition to mourning his loss.

“Yeah, my love, you’re gone… How it hurts! Friends, Lucas wasn’t well yesterday, he was in a lot of pain, he suffered a stroke and a heart attack, he was hospitalized… he had another heart attack that night and couldn’t resist “, she wrote.

Hours later, on Instagram, she posted an image with the word “mourning” and swore eternal love to her partner.

My heart is in pieces!! Go in peace my love. Lucas Guedes I will always love you. Karina Santana

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