Echo Line and Fire TV Stick are cheaper

Amazon released this Friday (5) a new offer for most products in the Echo line, which has speakers, headphones and smart displays with the virtual assistant Alexa, and for Fire TV Sticks – a kind of flash drive that you plug into your TV’s HDMI input and have access to applications from various streaming services.

The biggest discounts on prices are for Echo Shows 10 and 15 (smart screens), which had a reduction of R$200 (from R$1,899 to R$1,699). The biggest percentage discount is the 37% off Fire TV Stick Lite — the most basic item in the line.

The promotion runs until August 15th, so it’s an interesting gift option for Father’s Day (8/14). Can you imagine your old man saying good morning to Alexa or asking her if it’s going to rain?

Devices such as Echo Dots (smart speakers) and Echo Shows are called “smart” because they can be voice activated to execute a series of commands and connect with other equipment in the house via bluetooth or wi-fi.

For example, you can say, “Alexa, turn on the light,” and the light bulbs in your house will light up. You can also ask the virtual assistant for the weather forecast, the main news of the day and she will tell you everything.

See below the discounted Echo and Fire Stick line items and their respective values ​​in the offer.

Fire TV Stick Lite streaming device

Price: from BRL 349 to BRL 217.55* (37% discount)

Fire TV Stick Lite - Amazon Playback - Amazon Playback
Image: Amazon reproduction


Fire TV Lite is the simplest version of the device lineup. It is capable of turning any monitor with an HDMI input into a smart TV, with access to various streaming applications with a Full HD (high definition) image. It comes with a remote control that accepts voice commands and has an Alexa assistant. Its disadvantage to the other line items is that the sound played is simpler and does not support content in 4K.

The mid-range version of the Fire TV Stick retains all the basic settings, but has the advantage of transmitting audio with a technology that mimics cinema sound, called Dolby Atmos. The offer costs R$ 269 (29% discount).

The top of the line is the Fire TV Stick 4K, which brings an image with superior quality to the Full HD of the previous ones. Sound technology and other settings are the same as in the mid-range version. The offer costs R$ 369 (18% discount).

Echo Dot smart speaker (4th generation)

Price: from BRL 399 to BRL 299* (25% discount)

echo dot 4 - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt - Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt
Image: Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt


It is an updated version of the Echo Dot 3rd generation, the most basic smart speaker in the current lineup. The device brings novelties both in design, which resembles a sphere, and in its components. In the second aspect, the speaker stands out, which has frontal direction and greater capacity for the reproduction of bass sounds. Other than that, it retains the functions of the Alexa assistant, which can be voice commanded and control smart devices in your home. It also connects with other devices via bluetooth. Available in black, bank and blue colors.

Echo Dot smart speaker (4th generation), with clock

Price: from BRL 499 to BRL 399* (20% discount)

Echo dot 4 with watch, from Amazon - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


It is a version of the Echo Dot 4, but with a difference: in front of the spherical body of the device there is a digital clock. Other than that, it retains the same features, such as the improved sound system and directional, and the built-in Alexa, which can be controlled through voice commands and interact with smart devices in your home. Available in black, bank and blue colors.

Echo smart speaker (4th generation), with premium sound

Price: from BRL 749 to BRL 599* (20% discount)

Echo dot 4 black, from Amazon - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


More advanced version of the Echos, this speaker stands out by bringing a considerably superior sound quality compared to the simpler models. It is also able to adapt to the environment in which it is used.

It retains the functions of the Echo Dots with regard to the Alexa assistant and can also connect with other Amazon devices such as the Echo (for listening to music in various environments) and the Fire TV, turning into an auxiliary speaker for the displayed content. . Available in black, bank and blue colors.

Echo smart headset Buds (2nd generation)

Price: from BRL 899 to BRL 749* (17% discount)

echo buds - collection - collection
Image: collection


The headphones provide clear, balanced audio and have microphones that pick up voice commands to trigger Alexa, no need to touch anywhere.

They are IPX4 rated —they can withstand splashes of water, sweat or light rain—, making them interesting for sports activities because they are wireless.

The manufacturer promises up to five hours of music playback on a single charge. The battery built into the case is capable of carrying out two additional charges, totaling up to 15 hours of use. To check the autonomy, just say: “Alexa, what is the battery level?”. See more about the product here.

Echo Show 5 smart display (2nd generation, 2021 version)

Price: from BRL 599 to BRL 449* (25% discount)

echo show 5 - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


The Echo Show 5 features similar functions to other Echo devices. The big difference is the presence of a 5-inch (12.7 cm) screen and a 2 MP camera, which allows it to be used for video calls.

In addition, it works as a picture frame and can also be used to watch videos and content from YouTube and streaming services. Available in black, bank and blue colors.

Echo Show 8 smart screen

Price: from R$999 to R$849* (15% discount)

Amazon's Echo show 8 - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


This is an improved version of the Echo Show 5. Starting with the screen size, which is 8 inches (20.3 cm). The display can show images in high definition, and the speakers are more powerful. The camera is also better, at 13 MP, and it has an auto-framing feature, keeping the subject whenever possible in the center of the capture area during video calls. Other than that, it retains the Alexa assistant functions and can be used to play video content.

Echo Show 10 smart screen

Price: from BRL 1,899 to BRL 1,699* (11% discount)

Echo Show 10 - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure


More than bringing a larger screen than the other Echo Shows —10.1 inches (25.6 cm)—, one of the main attractions of this model is that the display automatically moves around its base. So you can keep video calls always in view, follow recipes while cooking and watch series more easily. There are improvements in the sound system and 13 MP camera, being able to keep the capture in the center of the screen during online calls.

Echo Show 15 smart screen

Price: from BRL 1,899 to BRL 1,699* (11% discount)

echo show 15 - Marcella Duarte - Marcella Duarte

Echo show 15

Image: Marcella Duarte


The smart screen arrived in Brazil in May. It comes with the Alexa virtual assistant and all its features and an integrated 5 MP camera. The 15.6-inch screen allows you to view calendars, personal notes, reminders, to-do and shopping lists, as well as watch videos from the internet and streaming services. It can be used by more than one family member through different profiles and facial and voice recognition. See more about the product here.

A tip: do you usually shop online? Subscribing to Amazon Prime can be a good alternative. With the first month of free trial and then for only R$ 14.90, you have free and fast delivery for several purchases anywhere in Brazil.

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