How to work with UBX and earn up to R$65 for 10 minutes of work: Paid platform via Pix?

Nowadays the Internet allows people to have access to different ways to earn money. In this way, the population has the possibility of being able to profit without having to leave the house to do so. Innovations include many different areas and types of services, which may or may not require prior experience for the role.

One of the most popular, for example, is through applications and platforms that pay the user to perform certain activities or proposed objectives. Other options are able to make the connection between people who want to sell their service and people interested in buying the service. This is the case with UBX.

How to work with UBX and earn up to R$65 for 10 minutes of work: Paid platform via Pix?
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What is UBX?

UBX (Ubook Exchange) is an online platform that has the ability to connect authors and narrators so that it is possible to publish literary titles in audio format. This possibility occurs remotely, that is, without both necessarily having to leave their homes to be able to complete the service. The platform is currently the largest in all of Latin America.

UBX allows both authors and storytellers to use it to make a profit. In the case of authors, it is possible both to upload audios from the book and to propose an offer to find someone to narrate them. That person is the narrator.

In this way, storytellers can access the platform to check out the offers available for book storytelling. To be able to search for narration offers, just access the platform and access the “I am a Narrator or Producer” part. Then you can better understand how UBX works.

Thus, the narrator, when he finishes creating his profile, can start recording audios and send them to the authors, to try to get hired. After submitting, the narrator waits for a response from the author selection or a proposal from Ubook.

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How much is it possible to earn?

The value is variable. In general, when registering an offer at UBX, the author has the possibility to launch two business models. In the first model, he proposes a lump sum payment to the narrator. On the other hand, in the second model there is a division of earnings, through which the narrator can earn on top of book royalties.

Thus, the division is made as follows: the author and the narrator each receive 25%. The narrator can see which of the offers is being offered before sending the audio and accepting the service.

To access the UBX platform you can use the link: On the page, you can search for offers and find fixed payments in the amount of BRL 65, BRL 200, BRL 300 and even BRL 1,000.

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