Irma faces ‘Cramulhão’s fury’ during childbirth, is about to die and Trindade intervenes to save her

Trindade and Irma in Pantanal, Globo's nine o'clock soap opera
Trindade gives birth to Irma in Pantanal, Globo’s 9 o’clock soap opera (Photo: Montage)

In wetlandGlobo’s 9pm soap opera, Irma (Camila Morgado) will almost die during childbirth. This is because the woman will face great difficulties to give birth to the child. Trindade (Almir Sater), however, will have disappeared chapters before, and will only return to save the woman from the fury of the “cramullhão”.

Trindade will decide to disappear from the Pantanal and abandon Irma after she betrays his trust by going to Rio de Janeiro against the will of the mysterious man. Her intention, it is worth mentioning, was to be able to have a more professional follow-up of her pregnancy. However, he didn’t want her to go.

About to give birth, Irma will face very delicate moments. At the time, the delivery will get complicated and Zé Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) will try to take her to Campo Grande in a hurry. However, Trindade will mysteriously appear in the room, after a while away, and deliver the child. Then everyone will be surprised to hear the newborn cry and to find the pawn next to Irma.


in the original summer of wetland (1990), Trindade does not raise her child alongside Irma. In fact, he mysteriously disappears after the baby is delivered. Before, he gives the child to Zé Lucas to raise together with the redhead. Thus, the woman ends the soap opera next to Zé Leôncio’s eldest son.

Trindade’s farewell, it is worth noting, took place because Almir Sater had to leave the Pantanal cast. At that time, he was assigned to The Story of Ana Raio and Zé Trovãosubstitute for the novel by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

On the other hand, the possibility of Trindade and Irma ending up together in this year’s remake was considered, considering that – in the first version – they just didn’t stay until the end of the soap opera for the reason presented above. However, the author Bruno Luperi must follow the original story to the letter.

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It is worth noting that wetland it’s a novel of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, aired – originally – in 1990, on the extinct Rede Manchete. This year, the plot is being adapted by Bruno Luperi and aired on TV Globo.

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