Joaquim Grava leaves the CT of Corinthians and Bruno Mazziotti takes charge of the medical department

A significant change to the Corinthians training center is underway. Joaquim Grava left and no longer commands the medical department of the professional cast. Physiotherapist Bruno Mazziotti, according to the My Helmis the new boss of the DM.

Grava isn’t even going to the place that even has his name on it. One of the club’s oldest collaborators, the doctor started his career in 1979 and, since then, has worked in several departments, being responsible for surgeries of countless athletes in the last 43 years.

As stated above, the DM is already under the command of Bruno Mazziotti. The physiotherapist returned to Corinthians for a determined period to be a kind of consultant, maintaining a relationship in the clubs commanded by Ronaldo (Cruzeiro and Valladolid, from Spain). This is just the latest of the department changes. – see more details below.

There are two versions of Joaquim Grava’s day-to-day departure from the CT that bears his name. The first is that the removal was a decision of the football director Roberto de Andrade, after entering a collision course. The second is that the removal came from the doctor himself. The club has yet to make it official.

In 2010, with the presence

In 2010, with the presence of Ronaldo and Dentinho, then players in the squad, and the doctor Osmar de Oliveira, Corinthians inaugurated the CT in Parque Ecológico. Joaquim Grava was honored by the club with the name of CT

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Corinthians Agency

recent changes

Corinthians’ staff has been undergoing changes in recent times. Doctor Ivan Grava, due to internal disagreement, resigned in March 2021. Physiotherapist Luciano Rosa left the club in September last year after agreeing with Shakhtar, from Ukraine. Then, another physical therapist left: Caio Mello was fired after more than a decade in CT. And, more recently, Michel Youssef Muniz Domingos, who was part of the day to day of the CT, was relocated to the base categories of the club, where he previously worked.

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