New IPI reduction: what the price of the best-selling cars should look like – 08/05/2022

The new IPI reduction announced by the government should have a small impact on the prices of cars and light utilities in Brazil. In relation to cars, the decrease was 24.75% of the value of the rate (picks continue with 35%), but the relief in the pocket of consumers should be less than expected.

UOL Cars sought out Bright Consulting’s partner, Cassio Pagliarini, to calculate the discount percentage of the 10 best-selling models in the national market.

The Executive says that the fall will be small and the reduction may slightly increase the volume of cars sold. “The average fall will be from 0.6 to 0.7%, which signals a volume growth of around 2%”, he analyzes.

The measure complements a series of IPI reductions enacted in 2022. “This IPI reduction of Decree 11,158 is combined with those already carried out by decrees 10,979 and 11,055. The total reduction in the year of a 1.0 vehicle reached 1.62%. 1.3 or 1.6 flex vehicle, this reduction was 2.45% in the year. An electric vehicle had a reduction of 1.62 to 4.19% depending on the mass and its energy efficiency”, says Cassio.

Even though it is considered as a light utility, the Fiat Strada was included in the top 10, given the relevance of the pickup. Cassio also points out that the discount varies according to the segment and engine. Vehicles 1.0 (gasoline or flex) would have a projected reduction of 0.41%, while those with engines between 1.0 and 2.0 fall 0.73% for flex and 0.63% for gasoline powered. In the case of those above 2.0, the rate is reduced by 1.30% (gasoline) and 0.98% (flex).

The specialist has compiled the price rebate index of the top 10 models in our market. The amount requested by the basic versions was taken into account. The sales ranking is based on the closing of July by the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave).

It is vital to point out that the projected prices do not take into account the reduction strategy of each manufacturer, as not all tend to pass the discount in full.

What should the prices of the 10 best-selling models look like?

1) Volkswagen Gol 1.0 – BRL 75,830 – would go to BRL 75,519

2) Fiat Strada 1.4 Endurance Plus – BRL 95,290 – would go to BRL 94,689

3) Chevrolet Onix 1.0 – BRL 78,990 – would go to BRL 78,666

4) Hyundai HB20 1.0 Sense – BRL 77,190.00 – would go to BRL 76,873

5) Chevrolet Onix Plus 1.0 LT – 8,135 – BRL 83,790 – would go to BRL 83,446

6) Fiat Argo 1.0 – BRL 75,490 – would go to BRL 75,180

7) Chevrolet Tracker 1.0 turbo – BRL 116,790 – would go to BRL 116,311

8) Fiat Pulse Drive 1.3 – BRL 75,490 – would go to BRL 95,563

9) Nissan Kicks 1.6 Sense – BRL 109,290 – would go to BRL 108,601

10) Hyundai Crete 1.0 turbo Comfort – BRL 77,190.00 – would go to BRL 76,873

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