Rafa Kalimann in August’s Glamour: “I finally understood that I don’t have to limit myself to a single version” | covers

With you, Rafa Kalimann in August’s Glamor! In the month that she debuts as an actress, our cover star recaps her childhood dreams, her teenage cries and the path she took to feel good about herself.

“I had to get close to 30 years old and reflect on a lot. I’m not talking about a professional or family place, but very personal and intimate. I think I finally understood that I don’t need to limit myself to a single Rafa. All my life, I’ve always sought to be someone who would appeal to a certain social circle or public, and let many other nuances pass that fill me in. I’m not here to be what I’m expected to be, but to be comfortable with what I really am and it’s this honesty that gives me freedom, a sense of well-being and comfort with my body”, he says.

Rafa Kalimann at Glamour August: blazer, Balmain; vest, My Grandmother Had; shorts, Dod Tailoring; panties, Intimissimi. Necklace and ring, both Bvlgari; socks and shoes, both collection — Photo: João Arraes/Glamour Brasil

Born in Campina Verde, Rafaella Freitas Ferreira de Castro Matthaus moved to another city a few times, but took advantage of the family when they got together to play karaoke and host. “I liked to get attention”, he laughs. She knew, somewhere, that she belonged to the artistic universe, one of the reasons that made her leave home early, at 14, to try a modeling career in São Paulo. The process was important, but also traumatic.

A complex relationship with her own body was born there, permeated by the insecurity caused by the tape measure of modeling agencies. She heard that she didn’t have the type to pursue a career and started to feel inadequate. All the questions led the girl from Minas to the therapy couch. Today, she is proud that, at least a year ago, she made peace with the mirror and with who she is.

The good phase extends to the career: despite having entered the “Big Brother Brasil”, in 2020, already with 3 million followers, today it reaches the house of 23M, among more expressions of love than hate. “I need to seek, to be responsible for what I say and what I delve into, if this is expected of me. It was a maturing process.”

Rafa Kalimann at August’s Glamour: blazer, tie and underwear, all from the collection; pants, Tommy Hilfiger — Photo: João Arraes/Glamour Brasil

On Instagram’s @, no name full of characters: he signs Kalimann, a pseudonym he saw in a dream and adopted as his stage name. It came at last. It will be read, starting this month, also in the cast of the series “Rensga Hits”, produced by Globoplay.

“I was super happy with the invitation, even more because it portrays a reality that is very much mine. I have always lived in the country music universe. The memories I have of my family at special events are always related to viola fashion. I enjoyed the experience as a opportunity to study. I asked the direction to let me stay more days beyond my recording time. It was a small, quick participation, but very important for me. I was welcomed by everyone”.

In the exclusive interview with our beauty editor Isabella Marinelli, Rafa talks about the challenges, lessons learned and the responsibility of communicating with so many people, tells how sisterhood was and is important in her recent immersion in dramaturgy and comments on her debut as an actress. Want more? Check out the full interview by subscribing to Glamor Brasil on Globo Mais!

Rafa Kalimann at Glamor in August — Photo: João Arraes/Glamour Brasil

Photo and cover in motion: João Arraes
Content direction: Renata Garcia
Text: Isabella Marinelli
Styling: Fabiana Leite
Art editor: Victoria Polak
Beauty: Branca Moura
Set design: Carol Canon
Executive coordination: Octavio Duarte (ODMGT)
Executive producer: Patrick Ferreira and Beatriz Dallolio
Fashion production: Alvaro Soares
Beauty Assistant: Giu Santana
Manicure: Sonia Lima
Light designer: Naelson de Castro
Light design assistants: Daniel Araújo and Leticia da Silva
Video editing: André Vernieri
Stagehand: Pedro Ramos
Image treatment: Nicolas Leite

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