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Shed FII informs that tenants are interested in bringing forward the end of contracts (Image: Pixabay/marcinjozwiak)

O B3 real estate fund index (Ifix) closed the session this Thursday (4) with a high of 0.18%, at 2,811 points.

With an appreciation of 5.13%, the Vinci Offices (VINO11) topped the list of the biggest highs in the trading session, while the Brazil Plural FoF (BPFF11) registered the worst performance, with a fall of 2.68%.

Warehouse FII can lose up to 3 tenants

Also this Thursday, the FII REC Log (RELG11) reported that three tenants showed interest in ending their leases before the end of the contract. If this occurs, the fund’s vacancy rate will increase by 15.84%, which should also impact income distribution.

However, RELG11 highlighted that if the returns are actually carried out, the lessees must “respect the period of notice and fine, as provided for in the respective lease agreements”.

In view of the information, the fund’s shares closed down by 2.15%, at R$79.24.

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