Roberto Irineu Marinho mourns the death of Jô Soares: ‘One of the most brilliant figures in our culture’ | Pop & Art

Roberto Irineu Marinho, vice president of Grupo Globo, lamented the death of Jô Soares:

“Today we have lost one of the most brilliant figures in our culture. Jô Soares started at Globo in the early 70s and helped to write not only our history, but that of Brazilian television. He was an actor, producer, director, author, writer, painter , but above all, he was a master – a master in the art of reading and interpreting Brazil and Brazilians and making them laugh with his grace, intelligence and elegance.”

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“His comedy shows chronicled our history with its more than 200 characters, who were also part of the family of several generations. On the sofa of Programa do Jô, Brazil and the world sat. Jô was a complete artist. I met Jô in the 70s and we always talked. In addition to exchanging affection, we also exchanged rare diseases, like two good hypochondriacs. I say goodbye to him with regret and, repeating my father, when he was interviewed by him, proud to say that we work together. Culture, history, television, Brazil, all of us, Jô, will miss you. Viva o Gordo!”

The presenter, comedian, actor and writer Jô Soares died at 2:30 am this Friday (5), at the age of 84. Considered one of the greatest comedians in Brazil, the presenter of “Programa do Jô”, shown on TV Globo from 2000 to 2016, had been hospitalized since July 28 at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in the central region of São Paulo.

The cause of death was not disclosed. The burial and wake will be reserved for family and friends, at a date and place not yet announced. The death was announced by Flávia Pedra, Jô’s ex-wife, and confirmed in a note by the press office of Hospital Sírio-Libanês.

“You are proud of everyone who shared life with you in some way. I thank the Lords of Time and Space, for giving me the luck to let our lives intersect. Thank you for the asthmatic laughs, for our homes in my way , for the trips to the chicest and most mequetrefes places, for the amount of movies, which you thought it was lucky I didn’t remember to see again, and for the indecent amount of ice cream we had watching,” Flávia wrote on a social network.

Humor as a Trademark

Jô Soares dies at the age of 84, in São Paulo;  fans and friends pay tribute

Jô Soares dies at the age of 84, in São Paulo; fans and friends pay tribute

In all his numerous artistic activities – interviewer, actor, writer, playwright, director, screenwriter, painter… –, Jô Soares had humor as his trademark. It was his starting point and his signature in theater, TV, cinema, visual arts and literature. He liked to admit it himself.

“Everything I’ve done, everything I do, has always been based on humor. Since I was born, I’ve always had it,” he said in a statement to the website Memória Globo.

In the last 25 years, Jô became known for being the most famous talk show host in the country. On TV Globo, he starred in “Programa do Jô”, shown from 2000 to 2016.

Considered a pioneer of stand-up, he also stood out for being one of the main comedians in the history of Brazil, participating in attractions that made history on TV, such as “A Família Trapo” (1966), “Planeta dos Homens” (1977) and ” Long live the Fat” (1981). Furthermore, he has written books and acted in 22 movies.


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