Ronaldo opens the coffers and starts second phase at Cruzeiro

Jorge Nicola:
photo: Jorge Nicola’s column/Superesportes

Jorge Nicola: ‘Ronaldo opens his coffers and starts second phase at Cruzeiro’

“Cruzeiro is already planning and hiring players with an eye on the 2023 season.” The phrase of a Brazilian football figure who had the opportunity to negotiate with Raposa in recent days. You may be wondering: but we are still in the eighth month of 2022.

“Ronaldo already knows that Cruzeiro will be in the first division next year. That’s why there was a change in the hiring policy”, adds the source, referring to the investments to acquire the economic rights of some of the latest reinforcements, something unimaginable in the first half.

Rafael Cabral, Rafa Silva, Neto Moura, Bidu, Z Ivaldo, Jaj… all the reinforcements of the Ronaldo Era during the 1st semester came to zero cost. Edu, bought for R$ 600 thousand, had been hired by Alexandre Mattos, before the Cruzeirense SAF became official.

In this transfer window, swayed by the mathematicians’ projections indicating 99% chances of access, Fenmeno decided to open the safes. Lucas Oliveira, for example, was bought over the course of the week for R$4 million – the 26-year-old defender had arrived on a loan and will now have 70% of his economic rights attached to Raposa – the other 30% will remain with Atltico-GO.

Rafael Cabral’s stay is another step inspired by the huge change in financial level, which is based on his presence in the 2023 Series A, with TV quotas guaranteeing an increase of more than R$ 100 million in a year. To ignore proposals from So Paulo and Sampdoria, the goalkeeper, whose salary was already the highest in the squad – R$ 300,000 monthly -, assured a readjustment.

And the news of the new phase has already reached the market and gives a “force”. One of the stars of Segundona last year, Chay preferred to play in Raposa instead of Bahia, who had arrived earlier in the parade.

This week, Felipe Vizeu, ex-Flamengo, opened up his intention to be part of the “Ronaldo project”, but seems to have declared himself belatedly. that Lincoln, another striker revealed in Gvea, had his loan secured – and with the Japanese from Vissel Kobe paying part of the salaries.

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