success in Libertadores will be crucial for Atltico to meet the award goal

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Atltico’s “Survival” in Libertadores crucial point for goal achievement in the season

Eliminated from the Copa do Brasil and distant from the title of the Brazilian Championship, Atltico has in the Copa Libertadores of America a crucial tournament to reach the goal of prizes for the year. An advance against Palmeiras will mean another US$ 2 million – approximately R$ 10.4 million – to the club’s coffers.

In the budget stipulated for 2022, Atltico’s board of directors established, as in every year, goals to be met in the financial aspect. The objective with broadcasting rights, images and prizes of R$ 163.3 million.
Until then, due to the sporting performance in the competitions, Atltico added approximately R$ 39.6 million in earnings during the season. It was BRL 5 million for the title of the Supercopa do Brasil, BRL 4.9 million for the trajectory in the Copa do Brasil and another BRL 29.7 million for the campaign – which follows – in Libertadores.

In the 2021 financial report, Atltico detailed that it ended the year with BRL 279 million in broadcasting rights and awards. It is worth mentioning that part of the revenues from the 2020 Brazilian Championship were considered in the report and that Galo closed the season with the conquests of the Mineiro Championship, Serie A and the Copa do Brasil.

Award for Brazilian champions of the main titles of the season

Atltico revenues from broadcasting and awards in previous years

  • 2017: BRL 108 million*
  • 2018: BRL 100 million
  • 2019: BRL 121 million
  • 2020: BRL 64 million
  • 2021: BRL 279 million

*Disregarding the gloves received for the renewal of the contract with Rede Globo

Accounts for the 2022 target

With prizes in the most successful season in its history alone, Atltico earned R$145 million. Therefore, with broadcasting rights, the Minas Gerais club raised approximately R$134 million. This level should not be repeated this year.

To reach similar numbers only with awards in 2022, the Minas Gerais club still needs to add something around R$ 105.4 million. Even if it manages to make a big splash and lift the title of the Brazilian Championship (which paid BRL 33 million in 2021), BRL 72.4 million would be missing to reach the goal.

the accounts of supersports reveal that Atltico’s earnings with prizes in 2022 will only be able to surpass those of 2021 if the Minas Gerais club wins the Copa Libertadores and finishes the Brazilian Championship, at least, in 15th place. In this scenario, Galo would raise another R$ 105.8 million and would close the season with R$ 145.4 million just for sports performance. vena o Brasileiro, Alvinegro ended the year with R$ 62.6 million in prizes. The numbers would represent a 56.8% percentage drop from 2021 sports performance.

Libertadores Sequence Awards

  • Semifinal: US$ 2 million (approximately R$ 10.4 million)
  • Runner-up: US$ 6 million (approximately R$ 31.3 million)
  • Champion: US$ 16 million (approximately R$ 83.5 million)

Brazilian Championship Awards in 2021

  • Champion: BRL 33 million
  • Runner-up: BRL 31.3 million
  • 3rd place: BRL 29.7 million
  • 4th place: BRL 28 million
  • 5th place: BRL 26.4 million
  • 6th place: BRL 24.7 million
  • 7th place: BRL 23.1 million
  • 8th place: BRL 21.4 million
  • 9th place: BRL 19.8 million
  • 10th place: BRL 18.1 million
  • 11th place: BRL 15.5 million
  • 12th place: BRL 14.6 million
  • 13th place: BRL 13.7 million
  • 14th place: BRL 12.8 million
  • 15th place: BRL 11.9 million
  • 16th place: BRL 11 million

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