The best fruits for those who suffer from indigestion and constipation

Many people suffer from indigestion problems that present themselves through nausea, heartburn and pain due to the slowness and challenge of digesting food. Another problem related to this condition is constipation, which is characterized by difficulties in evacuating. For all these questions it is worth consuming these fruits that help digestion. Check out the article and find out what they are!

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Fruits good for stomach and intestines

Digestion is a process that involves a number of organs and processes, including the stomach and intestine. In this case, there are several foods that complicate digestion, especially those that are low in fiber and contain fat. For example, white masses can be responsible for both heartburn and constipation.

On the other hand, there are several other foods that contribute to the regularity of intestinal flow. Among them are certainly fruits that are rich in fiber and contribute to preventing and fighting bad digestion. Check it out below:

Kiwi is a very popular fruit in Brazil and has a very characteristic taste. In addition, it has several health benefits, such as its laxative property that helps fight constipation. This is due to the fact that it contains a substance called actinidin.

Another fruit that helps to reduce the problems of indigestion is the apple. It can even help relieve diarrhea problems and perform bowel recovery. In this case, doctors also recommend eating apples with the skin on to absorb more fiber.

Certainly guava helps a lot people who find themselves with gastrointestinal problems that arise from poor digestion. That’s because this fruit can reduce the acid level in the stomach and reduce symptoms like heartburn and burning.

Finally, we need to mention the mango which is a powerful fruit when it comes to fighting bad digestion. This is because the fruit has many enzymes that help maintain intestinal flow and thus prevent constipation.

Now you know which fruits to have at home for good digestion, whether it’s relieving the intestines or helping you with fiber to cure diarrhea!

This article does not present solutions to medical or psychological problems. Consult a specialist before starting any treatment.

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