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The number represents an increase of 200 thousand people in relation to the previous month – lower, however, than the average growth of 400 thousand registered in previous months.

The banking and cards segment is responsible for most debts, 27.8% of the total. Then come basic bills such as water, electricity and gas, with 22.6%. Next are the financial and retail sectors, with 13.2% and 12.5%, respectively. Services (10.5%), Telephony (7%) and Securitization Companies (2.2%) complete the ranking of debts by sector.

The default scenario usually leads debtors to a snowball, in which one debt pulls another and leads them to have their “dirty names” – which means having the Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF) registered in a database restrictions on credit, such as Serasa and SPC.

With the CPF negative, the person has difficulty getting credit, and with that, he may not be able to buy a product on term, make a mortgage or even get a credit card.

One of the ways to clear your name is debt repayment for debt settlement. The consumer can directly look for the establishments that are in debt to make the negotiation. Another way is to use services such as Serasa Limpa Nome, which offer options to pay off your debts with special discounts.

For the entire month of August, Serasa develops an action to encourage the payment of interest-free debt in installments. In the period, more than 48 million debts will be made available for renegotiation in up to 36 interest-free installments, with discounts of up to 90%.

“It is the largest interest-free installment negotiation action ever carried out in Brazil,” said Ignacio Dameno, director of Serasa Limpa Nome, in a statement.

Check out the participating companies:

  • clear
  • Active
  • Atlantic
  • BMG Bank
  • Digio Bank
  • Digio Bank
  • Inter Bank
  • Lozenge Bank
  • Neon Bank
  • Apothecary
  • Bradescard
  • Bradesco
  • Bradesco Financing
  • BTG +
  • Carrefour
  • credits
  • credsystem
  • digit
  • DmCard
  • Eudora
  • FortBrasil
  • Tracker Group
  • Havana
  • Hoepers
  • Intact
  • ipanema
  • itapeva
  • Itau
  • MGW Assets
  • Money Plus
  • Multi Credit
  • nalin
  • net
  • Nextel
  • recovery
  • Renner
  • creek
  • Santander
  • sack
  • Sicoob
  • Sorocred
  • uze
  • Via Retail
  • VoxCred
  • Zema

Available on digital channels, the action can also be negotiated in person at more than 6,000 post offices across the country that offer campaign conditions and discounts upon payment of a fee of R$3.60.

Consumers can check if they have interest-free installments available through Serasa’s official channels:

  • Through the website serasalimpanome.com.br;
  • Through the mobile application – available for download on Google Play and Apple Store;
  • By telephone, by number 0800 591 1222;
  • By WhatsApp, by number 11 99575-2096.

Tent at the Clean Feirão Nome da Serasa, in Largo da Batata, West Zone of the city of São Paulo. — Photo: GloboNews/Reproduction

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