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The city of Alcântaras, 261 km from Fortaleza, recorded two earthquakes at dawn and morning this Saturday (6). According to UFRN Seismological Laboratory, the first record occurred around 4:54 am and had a preliminary magnitude calculated at 1.7. The second occurred at 6:17 am with a preliminary magnitude of 1.6.

According to Rinaldo Nogueira, coordinator of the Civil Defense of Sobral, the two events were felt and heard by residents of the Serra da Meruoca region and also in the municipality of Sobral.

The last tremor event recorded in the state occurred on July 5, in the municipality of Meruoca, North Region. The event, felt by residents of Meruoca, Alcântaras, Sobral and Jordão, had its preliminary magnitude calculated at 1.7.

Earthquakes are common in Ceará. According to the UFRN Seismology Laboratory, the tremors occur due to underground pits that are constantly in seismological activity. The trenches are linked to the meeting of tectonic plates in the Atlantic Ocean, which connect South America to the African continent. The tremors may also be related to the seismological activity of plate tectonics.

  • 1.8 magnitude earthquake hits and scares residents in Canindé, Ceará
  • 2.4 magnitude earthquake hits Canindé, Ceará, and scares residents

Since 2008, seismic activity in the region has been monitored by the Seismological Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). The strongest tremor recorded in the region was also in Sobral, in 2009, and reached 4.3.

This quake caused cracks in concrete structures and overturned furniture in homes and businesses. The tremor reached an area of ​​200 kilometers in radius and affected cities on the coast of Ceará, such as Fortaleza.

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