Almost R$ 10 billion of the extraordinary withdrawal will return to the FGTS

As of this Saturday (6), approximately R$ 9.2 billion in resources from the extraordinary withdrawal of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), which were not used by workers, will return to the fund’s accounts. The amount is part of the withdrawal of R$ 1 thousand, which was made available between April and June, however, they were forgotten in Caixa Tem.

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the money will return to workers’ linked accounts with the FGTS correction accumulated in the period. According to legislation, the FGTS yields the equivalent of the reference rate (TR) plus 3% per year.

Digital social savings are regulated by Law 14.075 of 2020, which establishes that the amount of the FGTS made available in these accounts that have not been used within 90 days after the withdrawal period, return to the fund with due correction.

FGTS withdrawals

In recent years, several releases of FGTS withdrawals have been made. In 2022, the government released around R$30.1 billion to approximately 43.2 million workers. Thus, each worker can withdraw up to R$ 1 thousand. The amount was automatically deposited into digital savings accounts, which had been created for the payment of emergency aid in 2020 and are now being used to pay social benefits and extraordinary FGTS withdrawals.

New opportunity

Although the money will go back to the fund accounts, there will be a new opportunity to withdraw. That way, until December 15, it will be possible to apply for the credit again. And so, the money will be transferred to Caixa Tem in up to 15 days.

Therefore, the withdrawal request must be made through the FGTS app (available for Android and iOS).

extraordinary withdrawal

The extraordinary withdrawal of up to R$ 1 thousand took place between April 20 and June 15 of this year. With a schedule made according to the worker’s date of birth.

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