Cléber Machado is left out of Globo’s trip to the Qatar Cup

Cléber Machado will be out of the trip for the first time in 28 years of broadcasting.  Photo: (Reproduction/Globe)

Cléber Machado will be out of the trip for the first time in 28 years of broadcasting. Photo: (Reproduction/Globe)

For the first time in 28 years, narrator Cléber Machado will not be present on Globo’s trip to broadcast the Qatar World Cup, which will take place between November 21 and December 18 this year. When the list of 80 names that will travel to represent the station was released, Cléber’s absence drew attention.

This World Cup will also serve as a milestone for another iconic character in Brazilian sports narration. Galvão Bueno will leave Rede Globo after the World Cup is held after 40 years leading the most important sports broadcasts.

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See the full list of travel members:

Narrators, commentators and reporters – Globo and SporTV

Galvão Bueno, Luis Roberto, Luiz Carlos Junior, Milton Leite, Ana Thais Matos, Caio Ribeiro, Junior, Roger Flores, Ledio Carmona, Grafite, Paulo Vinícius Coelho, Pedrinho, Débora Gares, Eric Faria, Gabriela Ribeiro, Guilherme Pereira, Kiko Menezes , Carlos Gil, Edgar Alencar, Edson Viana, Felipe Brisolla, Guto Rabelo, Julia Guimarães, Marcelo Courrege and Pedro Bassan.

Cléber, as well as Gustavo Villani, Renata Silveira, Everaldo Marques, Jader Rocha, Julio Oliveira, Natalia Lara and Rogerio Correa, will narrate off tube direct from Globo studios.

Brazil debuts in the World Cup on November 24, at four in the afternoon, Brasília time, against the Serbian national team. The second round will be played against Switzerland, on the 28th, at one in the afternoon. The last match of the group stage, against Cameroon, will be on December 2 at four in the afternoon.

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