Curitiba councilor impeached for protest in church will be received by the Pope

Curitiba councilor Renato Freitas (PT), who is undergoing a process of impeachment after participating in a protest against racism in a Catholic church, will be received by Pope Francis in September.

The information was released this Friday 5th by the parliamentarian’s lawyers, who also listed other statements by Catholic priests in defense of Curitiba. “If inexorably impeached, the Renato case will have international repercussions”, they say.

The impeachment of Renato Freitas was approved in the first session, on Thursday 4th, by 23 votes to 7. The second stage, which should confirm the unfavorable result to the PT, takes place this Friday morning. Freitas has said, personally and through his defense, that he is a victim of political and racial persecution.

In June, the councilor from Curitiba had already been impeached, but the sessions that approved the loss of mandate were considered irregular by the Justice.

According to the lawyers, the meeting with Francisco will be another opportunity to denounce the case. “We will go to Rome to report the abuse. The supreme pontiff will receive the councilor who had his political rights revoked for being black and for having spoken out against violence towards black people”, they say. “The Church, which would be the victim, fraternally welcomes councilor Renato, but Casa do Povo wants to revoke his citizenship.”

The lawyers Guilherme Gonçalves, Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro, Kakay, and Edson Vieira Abdala represent the defense of Renato Freitas.

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