Dani Calabresa opens the game about sex scene with Fábio Porchat

Dani Pepperoni told that he “died of shame” when recording his first sex scene for the cinema. The actress is a romantic partner of Fábio Porchat in comedy”The Speaker“, which premiered this Thursday (4).

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During the film’s premiere, Calabresa revealed that it made it a lot easier to have this experience with a friend. “I was dying of embarrassment [de fazer as cenas de sexo], but doing it with a friend is really cool because we already have intimacy, trust in each other. So while it was embarrassing, I was safe.”

Dani Calabresa opposite Fábio Porchat in "The Speaker"

Dani Calabresa opposite Fábio Porchat in “O Palestrante” (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Then the actress commented that the hardest part was not the scene itself, but the fits of laughter and finding the romantic chemistry that the roles were supposed to exude. “The hardest thing was to control the fit of laughter, we were laughing at each other in every scene, including this one. It was hard to turn that switch because we’re friends, but we’re a couple in the movie, we have to be in love. We found that chemistry and I really think it worked. It’s really fun and romantic and light,” she added.

The Speaker, film by Fábio Porchat

Despite being longtime friends and being two of the biggest names in national comedy, Fábio Porchat and Dani Pepperoni never acted together in a feature film. “The Speaker” is a film that works very well for an adult audience, even more so because it tells the story of Guilherme (Fábio Porchat) discouraged by the environment and the work routine.

“I don’t identify exactly with Guilherme, but with the moment of change. Exactly 20 years ago I participated in Programa do Jô and decided to change my life, become an actor, go to Rio. And that’s exactly what Guilherme is doing, discovering how to change his life and follow his dream”, said Porchat about the script and his character.

In addition to Dani Pepperoni and Fábio Porchatthe list of “The Speaker” still includes Letícia Lima, Otávio Muller, Maria Clara Gueiros and Rodrigo Pandolfo. The direction is Marcelo Antunezthe script was made by Fábio Porchat and Claudia Jouvim.

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