Defender asks Caixa to disclose withdrawal of BRL 23.7 billion from PIS/Pasep

The DPU (Public Defender’s Office) states that more than R$ 23.7 billion are part of the PIS (Social Integration Program) and Pasep (Public Servant Asset Formation Program) accounts, which were transferred to the FGTS .

The amount can be withdrawn by professionals who worked with a formal contract in the private sector or acted as public servants between 1971 and 1988.

To this end, the Defender’s Office requested, on Monday (1st), that Caixa Econômica Federal make ample disclosure to workers and personally inform beneficiaries who are entitled to the amounts.

In a letter sent to the president of Caixa, Daniella Marques, the DPU asks that a work plan be presented so that citizens are informed about their rights. The document was signed by the national human rights defender André Porciúncula.

For him, Caixa must explain to the population not only how to check if there is a balance, but also what workers must do to withdraw the amounts.

“We understand that the publicity made by Caixa on the subject until today is insufficient because many people are still unaware of this right to raise the amount related to PIS/Pasep”, he says.

Portiúncula also warns that the major problem with the lack of information is that after five years without the collection of these amounts, the money will be considered “abandoned” and will become the property of the Union.

“Today, it is estimated that R$ 23.7 billion are standing still because people do not know that they are entitled to the withdrawal”, says the DPU, which wants Caixa to personally notify the beneficiaries and heirs who are entitled to the benefit, taking into account consideration that the public company has everyone’s name and CPF.

understand the case

Since Law 13,932/2019, Caixa released the full withdrawal of the quota balance of all PIS/Pasep individual account holders who still had available balance.

With provisional measure 946/2020, the PIS/Pasep Fund was extinguished, and its assets transferred to the FGTS, but individual accounts and their free movement were maintained at any time, until June 1, 2025.

In this way, the linked accounts held by the participants of the PIS/Pasep Fund are now linked to the FGTS.

Caixa reported that it has not yet been notified of the request by the Federal Public Defender’s Office.

“To make it possible for workers to access PIS/Pasep resources, Caixa developed a 100% digital and simplified journey through the FGTS App, presenting the balance available to those workers who had migrated accounts on the main screen of the application. requested by the FGTS App in the option “Meus Saques”, “Other Cash Out Situations”, “PIS/Pasep”, and credited to a bank account of any institution indicated by the worker, at no cost. The App also provides other services such as extract consultation and updating of worker data”, says the bank in a note.

how to consult

To check the balance of the FGTS account originated by the PIS/Pasep migration, citizens can access the FGTS application, see the balance at Caixa branches or use Caixa’s internet banking.

How to withdraw PIS/Pasep quotas

All participants registered in the PIS/Pasep Fund who have a balance of PIS/Pasep shares can withdraw the amounts in full. In the event of the holder’s death, the account balance will be made available to his dependents or successors provided for by civil law.

FGTS linked accounts originated by the transfer of the PIS/Pasep Fund may be withdrawn for the same reasons established in Law No. 13,932/2019.

The amounts transferred from the PIS/Pasep Fund to the FGTS do not make up the total balance of the worker for purposes of calculating the annual installment in the event of a birthday withdrawal and, in the event of dismissal from the current job, do not interfere in the calculation of the balance for termination purposes .

Source: DPU

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