find out what is the next number in the sequence

A new logic challenge has a very simple solution, but it is not easy to obtain. This means that it will be necessary to think a lot and analyze the possibilities to find the correct result.

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Therefore, we will not set any time or deadline to resolve the issue. Just look at the sequence of numbers and find out what value is hidden in it. Pay close attention to the challenge to get the correct result.

Logic challenge: find out how the sequence continues

The purpose of the logic challenge presented here is quite simple. Just find out how the sequence of numbers described in the image goes on.

The sequence is as follows:

32 = 25

47 = 18

23 = 52

74 = X

Your goal, therefore, is to find out how much X represents in numbers.

An important tip is that you probably won’t need to do any math to find the answer to the riddle. Think a little before checking the correct result below.

Check out the solution to the challenge here:

If you’re tired of racking your brains to find out which number is missing from the sequence, that’s fine. It takes a little practice to solve a good logic puzzle like this.

To begin the resolution you must pay attention to the way in which the numbers are arranged.

Note that 32 is the opposite of 23 and that 47 is the opposite of 74. To do this, just look at the first row of numbers. This means that, interleaved, the digits of each number are swapped.

In the second row the same thing happens: 25 is the opposite of 52. Therefore, X is the opposite of 18, which means that the hidden number is 81.

Now that you know the answer, just share the logic challenge to your friends and family. Test to see who has a well-developed reasoning.

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