First season of the Netflix series adapts which volumes of the HQ?

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The wait was long but sandman finally arrived on Netflix, winning over critics around the world, including the Legion of Heroes. But the first season adapts exactly which volumes of the comics created by Neil Gaiman? Bringing a very well done introduction to the story of the Dream and the Endless, the series adapted Preludes and Nocturnes and The Doll’s House.

Over the 10 episodes of the series, we see some episodes adapting exactly what happens in a particular edition of the comics, often preserving the name of the comic that is being taken to the screens.

Right in the first episode we have the HQ The Dream of the Righteous, showing the moment the Sandman was captured; we go to imperfect hosts, at which point he manages to return to the Dreaming; then we have the search for your tools in Dream of mewhich adapts the story Dream a Brief Dream With Me; A Hope in Hellcontinues the journey of Morpheus and quickly adapts the HQ passengers; culminating in Nonstopwhich presents the story 24 hours and sound and fury.

Closing the first volume we have episode 6, The Sound of Her Wingsadaptation of the HQ The Sound of Your Wings and Men of Good Fortune — tale of volume two –, which shows a change of pace and a more contemplative moment of the Dream.

Death and Dream in “The Sound of Her Wings”.

The chaos of Sandman’s life is soon restarted with Home of dolls, introducing new characters with their own motivations. the next episode, Playing house adapt the story Change day and Playhouse; heading to collectors and finally, lost hearts which includes the story Inside the Night and the comic that gives the episode its name.

Thus, the first season encompasses approximately 15 issues and two volumes. What did you think of this decision?

sandman is now available in the catalog Netflix.

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