Gabi Martins recalls BBB 20, reveals why she gained 10kg and surprises: “I was crazy”

In an interview with the third season of the channel “out of the box“, by Luiza Possi, former BBB Gabi Martins commented on her trajectory in the 20th edition of the global reality show and recalled her habits in confinement.

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On the occasion, the sertaneja said that she gained 10 kilos inside the most watched house in Brazil, considering that she preferred to avoid the game and play in the privileges of the program.

“I had a regular, healthy diet. At xepa, I was crazy about powdered milk, you’ll see several scenes of me with powdered milk all over my face. I didn’t want to play, so I preferred to eat. I gained 10 kilos just eating at parties, drinking. There was rapadura, pé de moleque, there were gizzards, oxtails, tongue, sardines… ”, she recalled. Check out the full interview:

Gabi Martins reveals relationship status

Recently, while interacting with her Instagram followers, former BBB Gabi Martins commented on his current relationship statusafter being asked if she would be single.

At the time, she stated that although she is not in a serious relationship, she is not wasting time on casual flirting: “Single, yes. Alone, perhaps. Kiss on the mouth sometimes,” she wrote.

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