Haddad’s deputy already said that Boulos has ‘lacrador cattle’ – 05/08/2022 – Panel

Announced by Fernando Haddad (PT) as his deputy in the race for the Government of SP, Lúcia França (PSB), wife of Márcio França (PSB), said on her social media in 2020 that Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) had a “lacrador cattle” , who agreed with criticisms that the MTST leader had made of the left-wing feminist discourse, in a 2014 interview.

In another post, he claimed that Boulos was unprepared. The messages are yet another element of the tense relationship on the plate between PT, PSB and PSOL.

At the time Lúcia made her criticisms, Márcio França was running for the City of São Paulo against the psolist. In a debate, Boulos retrieved an April 2018 speech by the then governor of France in which he defended the thesis that the Military Police could be more efficient if they did not have to deal with so many domestic disputes.

A month later, a 2014 interview video began to circulate in which Boulos criticizes a part of the feminist movement and discusses the way occupations should treat the participation of the Military Police in cases of domestic violence.

Lucia’s text was a comment to the video. “Some of the ‘lacrador cattle’ of Boulos agrees with the absurdity he said, live, in an interview: ‘feminist movement arrives in an arrogant and arrogant way, as if it owned the truth'”, she wrote.

The relationship on Haddad’s plate has been marked by a succession of frictions. The PSOL withdrew from the candidacy of Boulos, who will compete for a seat in the Chamber of Deputies. The party hoped to have the effort rewarded with a seat for vice or in the Senate, but it was replaced by Márcio França, who will seek the Senate.

The ex-governor withdrew from his candidacy for the SP Government only at the beginning of July, insisting on the understanding that he would have more chances than Haddad to win Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) and Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans).

There was great resistance to the name of the former first lady as deputy, including on the part of Haddad, showed the Sheet. But the PSB insisted on her nomination — and França has already agreed to withdraw her candidacy for the Palácio dos Bandeirantes in the name of left-wing unity.

Although the choice has been criticized by allies for Lúcia’s lack of experience, PT members say she has a good resume, in addition to a history of services rendered as president of the social funds of São Vicente and São Paulo.

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