“He is a perfect child”


After receiving thousands of criticisms, the businesswoman used the stories to apologize

Photo: Instagram/Andressa Ferreira
Photo: Instagram/Andressa Ferreira

Andressa Ferreira, wife of Thammy Miranda, is being detonated in the comments of a publication in which she answers a question from a follower about her 2-year-old son Bento being autistic. The businesswoman stated that Bento does not have autism, as he is a perfect child. Mothers of children with autism were offended and came to their children’s defense, claiming that children with autism are also perfect. Andressa apologized.

“What is Bento’s degree of autism and why don’t you comment on it?”, asks the follower. “What I want to comment on, is what is your degree of expertise and based on what you are making this comment”, began the businesswoman. “A qualified person, specialist, who accompanies my son and is a pediatrician never told me anything about my son’s degree of autism, even because he is a perfect child”, continued Gretchen’s daughter-in-law.

She also made a warning: “I’ve taken a lot of f*rrad* in my life and that kind of comment doesn’t affect me at all. Now, did you know that there are many people on the internet who kill themselves and suffer from depression because of comments like yours? That’s why my answer to you is it’s going to take your c *”, he shot, which shortly after the stories appeared apologizing: “Guys, I was reading some comments and saw that it was wrong for me to say that my son is perfect. If I have offended any autistic mother, I want to apologize and say that was not my wholehearted intention. I never meant to offend any mother. And the comment I made about my son being perfect is because in the eyes of any mother, any son is perfect and if Bento is autistic, he will continue to be perfect”, she said in a sequence of stories.

The follower’s question was asked through a box of questions that Andressa left in the stories, but the businesswoman preferred to publish the answer also on her Instagram feed, with the caption: “I will not delete today’s stories”. The publication quickly gained many comments criticizing the cat’s speech: “Autistic children are perfect too. Free rudeness”, commented an indignant follower. “What an unnecessary response, autism is not a disease,” warned another. “As a mother of an autistic person I am very proud of my son, smart, intelligent… I love him the way he is! I just didn’t understand the nervousness in explaining!”, said another follower. “The rudest and most prejudiced response I’ve seen to date,” lamented another. The post has already over 10,000 comments.

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