Helicopter crashes in SP and owner was CEO of XP bank; two died

The helicopter that crashed last night in the Jaraguá region, north of São Paulo, was operated by a company whose partner is José de Menezes Berenguer Neto, CEO of Banco XP. The fall victimized the pilot and co-pilot, according to the UOL.

The identity of the victims was not revealed, but according to the São Paulo SSP (Secretariat of Public Security) the two men were 36 and 47 years old.

The report found that there was no one from the company on the aircraft.

The accident occurred around 6:40 pm on Avenida Fernando Mendes de Almeida, near Rua José Lopes, in the Pico do Jaraguá region, and close to a farm.

According to the Fire Department, the fall happened near a high voltage tower.

The helicopter caught fire, and firefighters had to act to put out the flames. Six vehicles were deployed to the region. The corporation released photos of the completely destroyed aircraft.

The aircraft is a model Agusta 109-E, prefix PP-JMA, manufactured in 2010 and with a capacity for seven passengers. The operator is the company Majam Participações LTDA., which has three partners, Berenguer Neto being one of them.

Firefighter holds manual of the helicopter that crashed - Reproduction/Twitter/Fire Department - Reproduction/Twitter/Fire Department

Firefighter holds manual of helicopter that crashed in Jaraguá region

Image: Reproduction/Twitter/Fire Department

In a note, the SSP reported that the case was registered in the 72nd DP as suspicious death, accidental fall and collision. The causes of the accident are investigated.

O UOL sought out the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) and is awaiting a return.

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