“Horrible voice and even more awful songs”


In addition to the singer, the producer criticized the musical taste of the listeners of the same

Regis Tadeu, famous judge of Raul Gil, detonates João Gomes on social networks
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Youtube/Inteligência Ltda. | Image 2 – Reproduction: Instagram/João GomesRegis Tadeu, famous judge of Raul Gil, detonates João Gomes on social networks

the music producer Regis Thaddeusfamous for being part of the cast of the show “Raul Gil“, of SBT, caused on the internet after posting a video on his YouTube channel where he quotes the singer João Gomes and criticizes the young man’s voice, as well as his music.

Speaking to the camera, Regis says that he almost always sees news about João: “All day long I am bombarded with news, notes, whatever from a certain João Gomes, who, according to the popular press, is the most recent phenomenon in Brazilian music.”, started.

The producer then didn’t spare his tongue when sharing what he thinks of it: “An unbelievable deal made even more so by being the boy with a horrible voice and singing even more dreadful songs.”, he said directly. It is worth remembering that João Gomes was one of the main Brazilian musical revelations in 2021.

Then, Tadeu even said that he has nothing against the singer, but his songs: “I think the kid is a nice guy, but that won’t detract from the fact that he and the horrible songs he sings are proof that the popular crowd has gone crazy. I have the feeling that João Gomes sings in a dialect with a mixture of Hungarian and Martian”, he criticized finishing.

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