Husband became father-in-law, stepson was son… Check out the partnerships of the cast of ‘Pantanal’ in previous works

The bonds between the characters that we see today in “Pantanal” have already appeared in fiction in a very mixed way. Actors and actresses who are now lovers, rivals or relatives previously played completely different roles together in past performances. Can you imagine the interpreters of Filó (Dira Paes) and Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) married? Well, in “Robbed Loves”, back in 2014, that happened!

— It’s so good to be able to live with friends who, throughout our trajectory, exchanged so many emotions with us in different jobs. I am very honored to have these partners with special careers. It makes me feel special too. I just have to thank them for their companionship and admire them from near and far — describes Dira.

The actress, by the way, is one of those who most shared scenes from other productions with fellow cast members of the Bruno Luperi remake. Murilo Benício, the Tenório, and Jesuita Barbosa, the Jove, are some of the names on this list.

The interpreter of José Leôncio’s son (Marcos Palmeira) has also made some partnerships in the past with current colleagues, as well as Juliano Cazarré, who plays Alcides, and Marcela Fetter, the journalist Érica. EXTRA has separated a list of ties that the artists of the Pantanal feuilleton have already had in soap operas, series and films: they have a stepfather, godson, partner, police partners… Check it out below!

Murilo Benício and Dira Paes in 'Tititi'
Murilo Benício and Dira Paes in ‘Tititi’ Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Dira Paes and Murilo Benicio

“Oh, was Filó caught poking Mary Bru’s eye too?”, joked Dira Paes when recalling a partnership with Murilo Benício in another remake. In “Tititi”, a telenovela aired between 2010 and 2011, Tenório from “Pantanal” played Ari, the stylist Victor Valentin, while the Filó of the current nine o’clock telenovela was Marta. At the end of the plot, the two characters ended up together and super in love, with the right to the kiss scene. The actress also recalled another partnership with Murilo before the novel in fiction: “I was able to work with him in one of his first works, ‘Irmãos Coragem’”.

Bento and Beatriz in
Bento and Beatriz in “Velho Chico” Photo: Caiua Franco/Rede Globo/Disclosure

Dira Paes and Irandhir Santos

The actors, who play Filó and Zé Lucas, met in another project before “Pantanal”. In 2016, the two played, respectively, teacher Beatriz and councilor Bento, boyfriends in “Velho Chico”. “How good it is when paths meet and meet again! Always amazing to work with you”, praised Dira when sharing the memory with Irandhir on Instagram, who reciprocated: “How lucky for me to find you again in such powerful stories! I admire him so much and more and more.”

The Children of Fiction: Same Love, Opposite Personalities
The children of fiction: same love, opposite personalities Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Rede Globo/Disclosure

Jesuita Barbosa and Dira Paes

In 2019, the actors played mother and son in the soap opera “Verão 90”, a relationship similar to the one that exists today in “Pantanal”, since, as Jesuita highlights, “Filó is a maternal figure”. The actor who plays the Jove in the plot of nine before played Jerônimo, the eldest son of Janaína, an envious boy who dreamed of being rich. “Being with Jesuita and being able to have intense scenes with him is beautiful, I see the growth and beauty of this actor”, praises Dira, who was also the mother of Rafa Vitti in “Summer 90”.

Marcos Palmeira and Dira Paes in
Marcos Palmeira and Dira Paes in “O rebu”, the 11 o’clock soap opera shown in 2014 Photo: Estevam Avellar/Rede Globo/Disclosure

Dira Paes and Marcos Palmeira

Who is also an old partner of the actress is Marcos Palmeira, Zé Leôncio from “Pantanal”. In 2014, in “O rebu”, the duo played inspector Rosa and police chief Pedroso. They investigated a death at a party in the plot at the time and were together in the end. “My duo from other plots… Or rather, other mysteries”, described the artist when sharing photos of “O rebu”. To EXTRA, she adds: “Marquinhos is the actor I worked with the most and played opposite roles in many ways: friend from work, brother (in the film “Anahy de las misiones”, 1997, and “Irmãos Coragem”, 1995), husband and wife (in “E Aí… Comeu?”, 2012), lovers (in “Marriage of Louise, 2001)…”.

Juliano Cazarré and Murilo Benício in 'Task Force'
Juliano Cazarré and Murilo Benício in ‘Task Force’ Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Murilo Benicio and Juliano Cazarré

The relationship between Tenório and his ex-pawn Alcides (in particular, in which Guta, played by Julia Dalavia also appears) is not the first work of the actors together. They were partners in a police team and also stepfather and stepson. In 2012, in “Avenida Brasil”, Cazarré played Adauto, a character who was involved with Muricy (Eliane Giardini), mother of Tufão, played by Murilo. A year earlier, in the series “Task Force”, the two lived in action scenes as Lieutenant Wilson (Murilo) and Irineu (Cazarré).

Adriano, Isabel, Cecilia and Vera Lucia: margarine commercial family.  Just not...
Adriano, Isabel, Cecilia and Vera Lucia: margarine commercial family. But not… Photo: Raquel Cunha / João Cotta/rede globo/disclosure

Murilo Benicio and Marcela Fetter

Even the actress who plays Érica, a journalist with whom Zé Lucas fell in love in “Pantanal”, has her ties prior to the soap opera. Marcela was Cecília, daughter of mayor Adriano Marques Torres, played by Murilo Benício, in the miniseries “If I close my eyes now”. In the 2019 production, the young woman had a younger sister, Vera Lúcia, played by actress Júlia Svacinna. Their mother and first lady was Isabel, played by Débora Falabella.

Raul (Murilo Benício) announces partnership with Álvaro (Irandhir Santos)
Raul (Murilo Benício) announces partnership with Álvaro (Irandhir Santos) Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Irandhir Santos and Murilo Benicio

This partnership is cool. In “Amor de Mãe”, shown between 2019 and 2021, the actors who are today Zé Lucas and Tenório were business partners. Both businessmen, Irandhir was the villain Álvaro and Murilo played Raul. At the end of the serial, which aired at the beginning of last year, Álvaro ends up dead after a fight with Raul. They were also together in “Stolen Loves”.

Chapter 06 - João (Irandhir Santos), Jaime (Murilo Benício), Bigode de Arame (Cesar Ferrario) jump out of the car and run to the canyon where Leandro's car fell.
Chapter 06 – João (Irandhir Santos), Jaime (Murilo Benício), Bigode de Arame (Cesar Ferrario) jump out of the car and run to the canyon where Leandro’s car fell.

Celeste (Dira Paes) and Cavalcanti (Osmar Prado) in 'Loves Robbed'
Celeste (Dira Paes) and Cavalcanti (Osmar Prado) in ‘Robbed Loves’ Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Dira Paes, Osmar Prado, Murilo Benício and Irandhir Santos

In 2014, the miniseries “Loves Robbed” brought together the quartet of “Pantanal”. The plot of eight years ago had a very different couple from the current nine o’clock soap: Dira was Celeste, married to Roberto, played by Osmar Prado, the Velho do Rio. “Osmar Prado is a life partner, one of the references I have. Being able to be his wife with scenes so complex and difficult to do was very special”, recalls Dira. The actor’s character was a friend of Jaime (Murilo Benício), who, in turn, had João (Irandhir Santos) as his godson and right-hand man. What a small world this is!

Movie scene
Scene from the movie “Tattoo” Photo: Reproduction

Irandhir Santos and Jesuita Barbosa

The images of the movie “Tatuagem”, from 2013, had repercussions on social networks recently: “Few people know that Jove is going to change Juma for his brother José Lucas”, joked netizens. If in the soap opera Jesuita and Irandhir play brothers, in the feature they played, respectively, a soldier and an artist who fall in love at the end of the 70’s. web. “Juma will be ‘anger’”, joked one person on the internet. “Rediscovering Irandhir was finding a brother, which is what we do today as characters, but also in a professional sense, now more mature”, comments Jesuita.

Incarnation (Selma Egrei) and Bento (Irandhir Santos)
Encarnação (Selma Egrei) and Bento (Irandhir Santos) Photo: Cesar_Alves / Publicity/TV Globo

Selma Egrei and Irandhir Santos

In “Velho Chico”, from six years ago, Irandhir’s character also played opposite Encarnação, a centenary character who was played by Selma Egrei, the owner Mariana of “Pantanal”. For the actress, the role of the 2016 soap opera was one of her most remarkable works in her career.

Caco Ciocler and Camila Morgado in 'America'
Caco Ciocler and Camila Morgado in ‘America’ Photo: Publicity/TV Globo

Camila Morgado and Caco Ciocler

If today they were brothers-in-law Gustavo and Irma from “Pantanal”, back in 2005 the actors played the couple May and Ed from the soap opera “América”. In the current plot, the therapist and Mariana’s daughter (Selma Egrei) even kissed, but their involvement was not as intense as in the past. In the 17-year-old serial, Camila and Caco were engaged in fiction. The actress’ character was the villain of the story and, in the end, it didn’t end with Ed.

After having had fun with Alain at the party, Maria Angélica is questioned by the police
After having a blast with Alain at the party, Maria Angélica is questioned by the police Photo: Renato Rocha Miranda/Rede Globo/Disclosure

Jesuit Barbosa and Camila Morgado

Another bond of actors from “Pantanal” is present in the remake of “O rebu” and this one is also very different from what is experienced now in the soap opera. The characters of Jesuita and Camila, who are nephews and aunts, like Jove and Irma, were the lovers Alain and Maria Angélica. At the luxury party that permeates the plot of “The rebu”, the two had an involvement.

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