‘I’m fine and soon I’ll be home’

Actress Susana Vieira was hospitalized to treat Covid-19. The 79-year-old actress occupies a unit at the Copa Star Hospital, in Copacabana, where she was treated last Tuesday, 2, with symptoms of the disease.

The actress is doing well, but needed hospitalization because she has leukemia, and needed further observation. Susana still doesn’t know when she will be discharged.

“I’m fine. The COVID left sequelae in the lung and I had to undergo a cycle of intravenous medication, so I’m hospitalized. As I have leukemia, hospitalization in ICU is protocol. With the medication and physiotherapy, I’ll be home soon”, says the actress.

The actress’ son arrives in Brazil this weekend. He is in Ibiza working as a DJ, during the European summer season, and would already come to celebrate Susana’s 80th birthday, on the 23rd.

Susana Vieira
Susana Vieira Photo: Reproduction – Instagram

The biography is coming

Away from the soap operas, Susana Vieira was torn between the presentations of the monologue “Any Shirley” — she performed in Portugal recently — and the conclusion of her biography, already called “A service of life”. In the work, her private life, of course, will not be left out, as the actress herself reported.

“I’ll say everything, but without saying names. I’m afraid of being censored or sued. But I won’t say horrible things. I don’t say names of husbands, but they were terrible, almost all of them. It was one thing…Five! I don’t know if it’s the Brazilian man, I don’t know if it was me. I don’t know if they came after Susana Vieira thinking I had a full safe. I just know that I had a lot of problems. I wasn’t traumatized by anything. but it takes time because it’s hard to get a man out of the house”, said the actress in an interview with the program “Casa Feliz”, on the Portuguese broadcaster SIC.

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Susana Vieira, however, reveals that she had only two jealous ex-husbands and says she is proud of the many kisses she gave on television.

“I’ve kissed a lot and my best partners were Tony Ramos and José Wilker. TV was more daring and today we do everything on eggshells”, believes the actress, who, at 79, does not hide being in search of a new love: “I want to find a Portuguese boyfriend”.

Susana Vieira has an affair with a younger man
Susana Vieira has an affair with a younger man Photo: Disclosure

Among Susana Vieira’s ex-husbands are director Régis Cardoso, who died in 2005 and is the father of her only child, Rodrigo; businessman Carson Gardeazabal, from whom she split in 2003, after nearly 30 years of marriage; former police officer Marcelo Silva, killed by an overdose in 2008; and actor and magician Sandro Pedroso.

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Susana Vieira and Sandro Pedroso
Susana Vieira and Sandro Pedroso Photo: Sergio Zalis

Susana Vieira with her ex-husband Carson in 2000
Susana Vieira with her ex-husband Carson in 2000 Photo: publicity

Susana Vieira and Marcelo Silva in 2006
Susana Vieira and Marcelo Silva in 2006 Photo: publicity

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