Irma, Mariana and Jove are ‘robbed’, suffer suffocation and Zaquieu assumes ‘blame’ for tragic scene


After the robbery, Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) will say that he shared the family’s move to the biome on social media.

Pantanal: Bandits steal Irma, Mariana and Jove's mansion.
© Photos: Reproduction / GloboPantanal: Bandits steal Irma, Mariana and Jove’s mansion.

Irma (Camila Morgado) and Mariana (Selma Egrei) will be ‘robbed’ in wetland. According to information from columnist Zean Bravo, from the newspaper Extra, Madeleine’s sister and mother (Bruna Linzmeyer/Karine Teles) will go with Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) to Rio de Janeiro.

In a sequence scheduled to air on the soap opera from next week, the trio will once again set foot on Rio de Janeiro. There, they will come across a tragic scene and they will find that the Novaes house was robbed after zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) return to biome.

the husband of Juma (Alanis Guillen), then, will reveal what happened to Filó (Dira Paes) and ask Tadeu’s mother (José Loreto) to tell her partner, José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira), that the family will stay in a hotel in Rio until the situation is resolved.

Zaquieu will listen to the entire conversation and assume the “blame” for the damage. That’s because the Novaes employee will say that he posted on social media that the mansion’s residents had exchanged the Southeast for the Midwest. Finally, Mariana will sell the luxury home.

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