Jati has four suspected cases of monkeypox in children

Jati, 525 km from Fortaleza, has four cases monkeypox suspects in children aged between six and 11 years. According to the Ceará Health Department (Sesa), the their mother is also suspected of infection. According to the City Hall, tests were carried out and samples were collected and the result should be released within 30 days. The children received medicines and lotions necessary for the treatment.

Initial version of this article indicated six children with suspected monkeypox.

Until the 1st of August, 88 cases were reported and four confirmed in Ceará. Information from the Jati Social Assistance Department reports that children live in precarious hygiene situations. Therefore, the family was allocated to another residence, until repairs are carried out in the house.

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The Health Department informs that it met, this Thursday, 4, with the Regional Health Department, which encompasses the Municipality of Jati, to monitor the case. “The protocol is being followed to the letter, and the monitoring and constant monitoring of the Health Surveillance to the family as well”, says a note from the Secretariat.

The information is from journalist Farias Júnior, from CBN Cariri

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