Jeep Gladiator arrives for R$ 500 thousand and sells out in three hours – 08/05/2022 – Eduardo Sodré

Jeep launched this week the Gladiator Rubicon pickup, which is a derivative of the Wrangler utility. The announced price – R$ 499,990, popularly known as R$ 500,000 – did not alienate customers.

The 322 units destined for Brazil until the end of the year sold out in three hours. According to the Stellantis group, there are studies to increase the quota destined for the country, which depends on the production capacity. The model is imported from the USA.

Gladiator’s focus is on off-road use. The capabilities are the same as the Wrangler, which allows you to face dirt, mud and rock paths. But there is a problem: the model that now arrives in Brazil is powered by gasoline. Customers in the segment in Brazil prefer diesel versions.

The reason lies in the ability to carry weight. Turbodiesel pickup trucks must have a payload capacity of 1,000 kilograms or more. In the case of the Jeep model, the limit is 674 kilos.

Gladiator’s engine is the 3.6 V6 (284 hp) combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Among the features for off-road use is the electronic system that decouples the front stabilizer bar. This increases the “sprung” of the suspension, which helps to overcome extreme terrain.

Rails and steel plates installed in the floor protect the underbody in case it is necessary to pass through rocky areas. A front camera displays the path and shows, through digital lines, the path that should be taken by the front wheels.

There are also some amenities, such as air conditioning with two independent temperature zones, premium sound – there’s even a portable speaker that can be activated via bluetooth –, tire pressure monitor and GPS navigation system.

It is not, however, a luxury car. The driving position is compromised by the combination of the wheel arch and the raised floor, which steals space from the left footrest. In addition, the removable doors and the shape of the bodywork make it difficult to carry out more accurate sound insulation work.

Anyone who rushed to acquire Gladiator’s 322 units knows all this, or at least should know.

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