Jô Soares’ body will be cremated by his ex-wife, Flávia – 08/05/2022 – Illustrated

The wake of Jô Soares, who died this Friday at the age of 84, ended around 5 pm in the São Paulo neighborhood of Bela Vista.

Restricted to family and friends, the ceremony was attended by figures such as Matinas Suzuki Jr., Jô’s biographer, as well as Mika Lins, Zélia Duncan, Ivo Hollanda, Serginho Groisman, Thiago Leifert, Juca de Oliveira, Dan Stulbach and Natuza Nery.​

Jô Soares’ body will be cremated in Mauá, about 30 kilometers from São Paulo, but there will be no burial ceremony. The presenter’s ex-wife, Flávia Pedras Soares, will lead the process alone.

The wake preserved an air of what he cherished most throughout his life: discretion. The select group of friends was formed, mostly, by colleagues and colleagues from his team in Programa do Jô, such as journalist Anne Porlan and editor Vilhem, in addition to theater companions.

Despite the inevitable tone of sadness, the farewell was also light. The unanimous statements realized that the comedian rested and left active and lucid, carrying out the projects he wanted.

Jô Soares was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1938 and was the only child of a wealthy family that lost their fortune. He studied in Switzerland and the United States, spoke six languages ​​and abandoned the plan to be a diplomat to dedicate himself to the artistic life.

He played dozens of characters, created catchphrases and presented the best-known talk show on Brazilian TV.

He was a theater, film and television actor, as well as a playwright, screenwriter, director and writer. The artist joined TV Globo in 1970, as the protagonist of the program “Make Humor, Don’t Make War”. He had already passed through the Continental, Rio, Tupi, Excelsior and Record channels. He acted, for example, in the classic “Família Trapo”.

He debuted his own program, “Viva o Gordo”, in 1981. Six years later, he left Globo to present his talk show, Jô Soares Onze e Meia, on SBT. Back at Globo in 2000, he ran Programa do Jô for 16 years.

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