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Who made us laugh so much makes us sadder this Friday. It was 84 years of life, more than 60 of them shared with the public. Brazil, used to seeing him in the last decades at dawn, knew at 3 am that he was gone. Jô’s ex-wife, Flávia Pedras, posted on a social network:

“Actor, comedian, director and writer Jô Soares passed away a few minutes ago. You are proud of everyone who has shared life with you in some way. I thank you, time and space, for having given me the good fortune to let our lives cross. .”

An announcement that also brought advice, a message for everyone we who have fun with Jo Soareswe repeated so many catchphrases and smiled with that sharp intelligence:

“Celebrate, make a toast to your life. The life of a guy in love with the country where he was born and chose to live, to try to transform, through laughter, into a better place.”

It was the farewell of someone who loved so much… “Thank you forever, for the joys and also for the sufferings we caused ourselves. Even these made us more and better. Eternal love, your Bitika.”

Jô Soares died where he lived most of his life: in São Paulo. ANDHe had been hospitalized for a week at Hospital Sírio-Libanês. Out of respect for the family’s request, the hospital did not disclose the reason for admission or the cause of death.

According to the medical team, Jô Soares died at 2:20 am, and it was still in the hospital that Flávia wrote the message communicating his death. She was grateful for the many unforgettable moments.

“Thank you for the asthma-inducing laughs, for our homes my way, for the trips to the fanciest and swankiest places, for the amount of movies you thought I was lucky I didn’t remember to see again, and for the indecent amount of ice cream that we took it watching”, he recalled.

And how can I not remember what Jô himself said: “Every fat person is cordial, jovial and good-natured. If you find a grumpy fat man, he’s not fat. It’s full.”

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