Maira Cardi and Arthur Aguiar ‘hit the hammer’, decide to leave Brazil and “try life” in another country, says columnist


The information was disclosed by journalist Leo Dias, columnist for the portal “Metrópoles”

Images: Reproduction/official Instagram of Arthur Aguiar.
Images: Reproduction/official Instagram of Arthur Aguiar.

Recently, last Sunday (31), Maira Cardi posted on his social networks that he would be leaving Brazil and would return to California, United States. Apparently, the life coach traveled alone, without the company Arthur Aguiaryour husband.

According to information from Leo Dias, a columnist for the Mertrópoles portal, the couple would be planning to move out of the country in search of safety and ‘a quieter life’. The chosen destination was the US state of California, where Maira has lived for 6 years.

“I was very happy here, I love the simple life here. I always wanted to go back, but I couldn’t because Sophia was small and he had his life tied up in Brazil. I’m so grateful for everything I have, but today I live in a bubble. I’ve almost been kidnapped twice, I can’t enjoy the simplest things like going to the beach with my daughter without being afraid. Lucas was raised here, studied in public high school and used to skate to school. Now, God willing, I’ll come back, because he has nothing to tie him there anymore.”highlighted Maíra Cardi, in conversation with Leo Dias.

Also according to the columnist’s information, another reason that would have influenced the decision of the famous was the desire to live a “normal” and peaceful life. According to Leo Dias, Maira would have wanted to take care of the house and do simple things, such as going to the market.

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