Maíra Cardi is sincere and manifests herself for the 1st time after rumors of crisis with Arthur Aguiar: “I rethought and understood”


The nutritionist, in contact with columnist Lucas Pasin, from ‘UOL’, opened the game about the current situation of marriage with the champion of BBB 22

Photos: Instagram/Maira Cardi
Photos: Instagram/Maira Cardi

Rumors, speculations and rumors have been raised about Maira Cardi and Arthur Aguiar in the last days. Several journalists reported an alleged crisis in the relationship, pointing out that the change to the United States had some connection with a possible divorce. The nutritionist, however, in contact with Leo Diasjustified the reason for switching countries.

“I was very happy here, I love the simple life here. I always wanted to go back, but I couldn’t because Sophia was small and he had his life tied up in Brazil. I’m so grateful for everything I have, but today I live in a bubble. I’ve almost been kidnapped twice, I can’t enjoy the simplest things like going to the beach with my daughter without being afraid”said the digital influencer.

Maira also talked to Lucas Passincolumnist for ‘UOL’. The Champion’s Wife BBB 22 denied any kind of problems in the marriage, stating that people like to invent lies: “We love each other very much. I think the fact that I’m in California and he didn’t come, and the fact that our stories are different, makes people infer things.”.

“They’re always looking for something bad to hit and talk about. I rethought and understood that I no longer want to share everything in my life. I never cared about the consequences, I could handle it myself. From the moment my daughter got sick and was admitted to the ICU twice, everything changed. My family’s peace comes before now. I did it for love and I would do it all over again.”closed.

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