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A man was attacked to death by a pack of dogs in a shocking case that caused panic among residents. The case took place in a small town in New Zealand.

Police said they were called to a property in a remote area in Hokianga, North Island, where they found a 69-year-old man, as detailed by The Mirror.

A police spokesperson said: “Police responded to a sudden death where initial indications suggested the deceased was the victim of an alleged animal attack.”

The investigation is in its early stages, but police say they do not believe the death was suspicious.

They added that the dogs had loosened up and were behaving aggressively.

Man is attacked to death by pack of dogs in case that caused panic among residents

According to The Mirror, police alerted residents that the other three had escaped from the property and are still missing.

A police spokesman confirmed that the 69-year-old man died of injuries sustained in the attack.

“Police and animal control tried to arrest the dogs on the property.”

“However, four of the dogs got loose and were behaving aggressively.”

“In the process of trying to contain the dogs, unfortunately, one of them was shot by the police and died.”

Text with information from The Mirror website

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