Michael Keaton Appears as Batman in Movie Photo

The director Adil El Arbiwho signed the canceled batgirl beside Billal Fallahshowed on Instagram Stories a new photo from the set of the feature, in which he appears next to Leslie Grace (Batgirl) and Michael Keaton (Batman) – check above.

The photo was revealed by the filmmaker shortly after showing him a gift Keaton gave him: a signed copy of the official behind-the-scenes book of Batman – The Return. “To Adil: Thanks, I had fun!“, wrote the actor in the autograph.

In addition to Keaton, the film by batgirl would also count on the return of JK Simmons like Commissioner Gordon. Already Brendan Fraser would play the villain of the time, the Firefly.

Directed by Arbi and Fallah (Ms. Marvel), the production had a script by Christina Hodson (Birds of prey) and would be released in the catalog of HBO Max before cancellation. Understand this story better.

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