Mirella decides to take off her pants in her new shoot and shares a shocking video: “Funkeira is on”

How is she!? Mirella, funkeira, digital influencer and model, shared yet another preview, this time in video, of her new essay on adult subscription platforms.

+ Mirella “forgets” that she is wearing her smallest panties and makes an unusual pose for a photo

“Have you met my CLOZZY? It’s a platform where you can check out my EXCLUSIVE content! Want to sign? Access the link in my bio and click on “sign my Clozzy”. But run, there are few subscriptions available! Get yours NOW by clicking the link in my bio,” he wrote in the caption of the publication.

“Am I the only one who thinks that Mirella will still kill us with these videos?”, asked a follower in the comments field. “Yes, I know it in the palm of my hand”, joked another one.

After all, would Mirella return with Dynho Alves?

During an interview, Mirella was irritated by the comments that she would be returning with Dynho Alves. According to the muse, she does not want people to keep meddling in her life and reaffirmed that she would not return to the funkeiro.

“I do not cancel anything. But there are many unnecessary things. No need…everyone knows what they want, what they do, it’s no use. And we don’t come back, we’re good like that. And we decided that. Ready! If he doesn’t like it, he has a child, raises it and then you rule and order his life”, said Mirella.

Using his official Twitter, Dynho also commented on the case: “Be happy, enjoy the moment, forget about hatred and resentment, don’t care about opinions that don’t add anything to you. Do what you want. Life is a breath, one moment you can be here and the next you can’t. So live intensely, let’s live.”


+ Mirella takes off her pants, lies on the kitchen table and provokes with volume on her t-shirt: “It made me hungry”

+ Slapping her butt, Mirella rolls around only in her underwear and a fan jokes: “Several attempts”

+ To enter the ‘De Vacation with Ex’, Mirella takes an unusual attitude about Dynho Alves

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