On “The Noite”, Danilo Gentili kisses a guest and takes the audience by surprise: “It’s like this!”

During the display of “The Night“, last Thursday (5), presenter Danilo Gentili surprised internet users by starring in a big kiss in the attraction.

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It all started when he praised the guest Flower and highlighted the physical appearance of the presenter of “dots game“.

“Not that I notice the guests here on the show […] but I would say that your legs are worth more than money and more than gold bars”, he said, who then marked the moment beyond unusual. Check out:

After the death of Jô Soares, Danilo Gentili pays tribute

After Danilo Gentili and the “The Night”, exchange the program edition for a rerun of the “Jo Soares Eleven and a half”, the decision moved fans and followers. On the occasion, Gentili posed next to the artist, who passed away this morning (5).

“This was the only meeting (photo) I had with Jô Soares. At his request, we talked privately. One day I will reveal the content of the conversation. Today is the tribute to him, who will never die. Today I’m not going to broadcast my talk show. Instead, we will watch Jô Soares Onze e Meia”, wrote Danilo on his social networks.

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