Payment of the Pix of R$ 1,000 will be conditioned to THIS type of proof.

After the approval and consequent enactment of the Aid PEC, which readjusted the government’s social programs and created others, many people expressed hope for the arrival of the values. One of the classes that most lives this expectation are the truck drivers who had an exclusive benefit. It is the so-called PIX Caminhoneiro that will need proof for payment to be made. In our article we will show you how this will be done.

pix payment proof
Pix payment of R$ 1,000 will need proof – @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Payments start soon

And it will start soon, the payments of the measures approved in the Aid PEC. In addition to the readjustments of programs such as Brazil aid and Gas Valley, a payment of R$ 1,000 is expected for the category of truck drivers. officially called Emergency Benefit for Autonomous Cargo Carriers (BEm Truck Driver)the benefit will be paid to professionals between the months of August and December 2022 due to the increase in fuel prices.

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Proof of payment of the PIX Truck Driver

Last Wednesday (03), it was published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU)the ordinance that regulates the Well Trucker. According to the rules, the professional cargo driver will not need to prove the destination of the money. Initially thought to be used exclusively for the purchase of diesel oil, now this will no longer be necessary. That is, autonomous carriers will not need to account for the funds received.

It was also clarified the form of payment that will be via the digital social savings account of the Federal Savings Bankthe app BOX Has, and this does not depend on the number of vehicles that the truck driver has. In fact, only professionals with active registrations in the National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTR-C)as long as they are carried out until May 31, 2022. In addition, they must have a valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF and payments will not be allowed to people who receive a death pension of any nature or reclusion aid, nor will they be holder of benefit for permanent incapacity for work.

BEM Trucker Calendar 2022

Therefore, with all the rules explained, the payments of the BEm Caminhoneiro start on the 9th of August. The first 2 installments totaling R$ 2 thousand will be deposited at once. Check all dates below:

  • 1st and 2nd installment – 08/09
  • 3rd installment – 09/24
  • 4th installment – 10/22
  • 5th installment – 11/26
  • 6th installment – 12/17

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