“People think it’s baldness”


Influencer told that procedure is something he always wanted to do

Ex-BBB Eliezer reveals that he will undergo a hair transplant procedure and reveals why
© Reproduction: Instagram/EliezerEx-BBB Eliezer reveals that he will undergo a hair transplant procedure and reveals why

The former participant Big Brother Brazil, Eliezer, surprised his followers on Friday night (6), when he revealed that he was preparing to undergo a surgical procedure. According to him, in a few days, he will undergo a hair transplant.

A subject much commented on by netizens and viewers during his stay on the reality show, Eliezer said that this issue always bothered him and that making this change was a desire he already had: “I came to Fortaleza to do something I always wanted to do”, starts.

Then, the businessman gave details about how this lack of hair affects his daily life: “Have you noticed that my beard is very flawed? I have a futsal team on my face, two little hairs here and another two here. And my forehead has these indentations, and people think it’s baldness”, he vents.

Eli even gave space in his stories for the doctor responsible for his case to give some explanations about what the transplant would be, according to him, the businessman would already be undergoing treatment with medication for more than a year and, now, he decided surgically interfere.

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