Pocah poses with see-through clothes and a skirt that is too small lets out what she shouldn’t: “I zoomed in on the tobacco”

BBB Muse! Pocah, former participant of Big Brother Brasil, singer and digital influencer, is already more than used to never disappointing fans when it comes to more “sensual” photos, and that was exactly what happened this Thursday afternoon (04). ).

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“It was just supposed to be a ride, but it turned into a super production”, wrote the muse in the caption of the publication. In the photo, Pocah appears in a black outfit and not even transparent, while betting on a skirt that is too small, which ends up showing more than it should. In a few minutes, the photo had already entered one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

“The braba has a lot of name! Woman of millions”, joked a fan in the caption of the publication. “These photos of yours break my heart, how will my self-esteem withstand all this beauty of yours?”, asked another one, complementing it with some heart emojis.

Pocah opens the game and talks about his sexuality: “I believe I’m still bi”

During an interview with Bianca Andrade, better known throughout Brazil as Boca Rosa, Pocah commented more with her fans about her sexuality. According to the singer, she thinks she still considers herself bisexual and gave more details.

“I thought I didn’t even like men. I felt no attraction. Until it happened that I hooked up with the first guy I ever hooked up with and I thought, ‘I like them both,’” explained Pocah.

“I don’t date women anymore. people [ela e o noivo, Ronan] don’t have a relationship like that. But I believe I’m still bisexual, from the moment I’m attracted to both of them.”


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