PT decides to maintain support for Marcelo Freixo’s candidacy for the Government of RJ | Elections 2022 in Rio de Janeiro

The Workers’ Party (PT) decided this Friday (5th) that it will support the candidacy of Marcelo Freixo (PSB) for the Government of Rio de Janeiro in the October elections.

The PT national president, Gleisi Hoffmannconfirmed the decision in a post on their social media.

“The PT’s National Executive Commission confirms its support for Marcelo Freixo (PSB) for governor and André Ceciliano (PT) for senator in Rio de Janeiro. With Lula and Alckmin, we are going to rebuild our Brazil together”, wrote the former senator.

The decision by the PT’s national executive seeks to put an end to the controversy surrounding the party’s alliance with the PSB in Rio de Janeiro and the decision of who will be the group’s candidate for the Federal Senate.

With the two parties allied in the national dispute, PT and PSB planned to have only one candidate for the senate in the states. However, in Rio de Janeiro, the PSB launched the name of federal deputy Alessandro Molon for the position, while the PT bet on André Ceciliano, state deputy and president of Alerj, for the same post.

It is worth remembering that the electoral legislation does not prevent a coalition from having two candidates for the Federal Senate in the elections. However, an agreement between the parties defined that the PT would nominate the candidate for the Senate and the PSB would choose the candidate for the state government.

With the impasse, last Tuesday (2 ), the PT state directory in Rio de Janeiro even approved a resolution to withdraw support for Marcelo Freixo’s (PSB) candidacy for state government.

Last Thursday (4), the PT demanded that the PSB withdraw Alessandro Molon’s candidacy so that the party could confirm Marcelo Freixo’s support for the government.

Earlier, federal deputy Alessandro Molon announced that he will hold a press conference this Friday afternoon to communicate his decision on his candidacy for the Senate.

The g1 tried to contact Molon and his team to understand if the deputy will give up his candidacy for the Senate, but until the last update of this report there was no response.

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