Residents of the Serraria Brasil neighborhood protest against the closure of a health unit – Acorda Cidade

Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

Residents of the Serraria Brasil neighborhood, in Feira de Santana, are dissatisfied and have gathered to protest against the possibility of closing the Basic Health Unit (UBS) that serves the population of the place and also of other surrounding neighborhoods. The information they received is that the closing will take place until August 20th.

The resident Thamiles da Conceição Freitas complained about the closure of the post and asked the municipal government why it does not invest more in the place.

“The gas station is going to close, it has an eviction order, due to non-payment of the rent, which is late. They said they would remove the post from here and put it in the Irmã Dulce neighborhood. But there are a lot of people there, and who is elderly and has mobility problems, how will they go there?”, he asked.

The housewife Nilma Santos said that several doctors attend the unit, but that there is a lack of materials and medicines for the population.

“They said they would deactivate the station, because it has four months without paying rent. And the owner asked for the property. There are pediatricians, clinicians, nurses, nutritionists here, and the service is good, they serve a lot of people. People from other places come to the pediatrician. There was a lack of medicine, cotton, but if you close the situation it gets worse. There are a lot of people here who need it, a lot of elderly people who can’t go out and the post’s employees went to them”, he highlighted.

Resident Mirian Santos praised the service provided by UBS employees and asks that instead of closing the unit, expand it. “My 1 year and 5 month old son does the childcare here, we do the planning here, and the post is very useful. So for us the situation will get worse and we will be missed.”

She also confirmed that some materials are lacking, such as cotton for people looking for the vaccine. “Yesterday a colleague of mine came with her husband to get the vaccine, but she didn’t have cotton to apply it.”

The production of Acorda Cidade sought further clarification from the Primary Care reference nurse, Helen Vital, but received no response.

With information from reporter Ney Silva from Acorda Cidade.

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