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Law 14,434/2022 was sanctioned by the Presidency of the Republic, which created the national salary floor nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives. The standard was published in this Friday’s edition (5) of the Federal Official Gazette.

From now on, nurses must receive at least R$4,750 per month. Nursing technicians must receive at least 75% of this (R$ 3,325). Nursing assistants and midwives must receive at least 50% of this amount (R$ 2,375).

President Jair Bolsonaro, however, vetoed the annual correction of the floor, which would be made by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC). The correction was foreseen in the project approved by Congress.

Members of the opposition, such as Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES), author of the original proposal, and Senator Zenaide Maia (Pros-RN), who was rapporteur for the matter, have already announced that they will mobilize to overturn the veto.

Arguments for the veto

By vetoing the annual correction by the INPC, the federal government claimed that the indexation is unconstitutional, as it would be “prohibited to link any type of remuneration to public service personnel”.

The Executive also affirms that the linking of salary readjustments of state or municipal civil servants to federal indexes of monetary correction goes against the autonomy of the federative entities to grant readjustments to their servers.

In addition, the government argues that “the provision of automatic readjustment would also remove the prerogative of the Executive Branch to initiate the legislative process to change or readjust the remuneration of its civil servants”; that “the proposal would privilege the preservation of the purchasing power of the salaries of categories it covers to the detriment of other categories”; and that this measure could stimulate inflation; among other arguments.

against the veto

Author of the bill that gave rise to this floor, PL 2.564/2020, Fabiano Contarato announced on his social media that he will articulate in Congress to overturn Bolsonaro’s veto.

“Yesterday [quarta-feira] we had a great victory with the sanction of our PL 2.564/2020, which is now Law 14.434/2022. But the fight is now different: the president vetoed the article that deals with the update of the minimum salary based on the INPC, essential for an annual salary readjustment for the category. We already knew that he could do something to not give the full victory to nursing. That’s why we need to unite to overturn this veto in Congress,” Contarato wrote on Twitter.

Senator Zenaide Maia (Pros-RN), who was the rapporteur for this project, also announced that she will mobilize to overturn the veto.

the floor of nursing became law, and this is proof of the strength that workers have when they unite and mobilize. Congratulations nursing, the credit is yours! Tireless in the fight, they deserve salary appreciation! The veto of correction by the INPC is regrettable and Congress needs to overturn it,” she posted on her social media.

the president of Federal Nursing Council (Cofen), Betânia Santos, celebrated the sanction of the floor, but also declared that the category will defend the annual correction of salaries.

“THEnow we have a constitutional provision that will allow us to fight to eradicate miserable wages and, thus, establish a decent living and working condition for the professionals who make the health system work. We are going to keep the mobilization, to overturn the veto to the device that guarantees the readjustment by the INPC in Congress”, said Betânia in a note published on the Cofen website.

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