Sesap confirms the 4th case of monkeypox and says that the newborn is experiencing community transmission of the disease; see cities | large northern river

The State Department of Public Health of Rio Grande do Norte confirmed, this Friday (5), the first case of monkeypox disease in the city of Mossoró, in the West region – the second largest municipality in the state. This is the fourth case registered in the state.

According to the government, the state already lives to community transmission of the disease.

In the first cases, patients were known to have visited other countries where they were infected. However, in the most recent, authorities have noticed that patients have not traveled or had contact with outsiders, which means that the disease is already circulating in the state.

“We realize that this transmission already happens among the population of Rio Grande do Norte, that is, community transmission. The last person diagnosed had no contact with anyone from outside the state”, considered Diana Rêgo, sub-coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance at Sesap. .

Still according to her, all cases registered until this Friday (5) are mild. Patients are isolated in their own homes.

Sesap also stated that it also monitors people who have had contact with patients, who may develop symptoms of the disease. In addition, it guides municipalities on surveillance and notification of suspected cases.

“We have seen an increase in cases in Brazil and, consequently, with the movement of people for work, vacation trips, it was already expected that we would have an increase in cases in Rio Grande do Norte”, he pointed out.

Rio Grande do Norte had two confirmed cases in Natal, one in Parnamirim, in the metropolitan region of the capital, and now a fourth in Mossoró. The capital still has two patients registered as probable cases.

Another 18 patients are analyzed as cases suspects for the disease, across the state. Nine in Natal, four in Parnamirim, two in São Gonçalo do Amarante and another three in the cities of Angicos, Ceará-Mirim and Lagoa de Pedras.

Another 14 suspected cases have already been ruled out by state authorities.

Monkeypox: Doctor talks about the disease

Monkeypox: Doctor talks about the disease

Data on the disease in RN

  • Confirmed cases
    Christmas (2)
    – Mossoró (1)
    -Parnamirim (1)
  • probable cases
    Christmas (2)
  • Suspected cases
    Christmas (9)
  • Parnamirim (4)
  • Sao Goncalo do Amarante (2)
  • Angicos (1)
  • Ceará-Mirim (1)
  • Stone Lagoon (1)

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